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Best Ex


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Best Ex is the project of NJ Native Mariel Loveland and a rotating cast of friends most often including Matt Ferraro, John Clifford and Bobby Vaughn. After catching the attention of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, the band formerly called Candy Hearts recorded an EP and LP on Gilbert's imprint Violently Happy. They spent the following years touring world-wide with acts like We Are The In Crowd and State Champs, plus a stint on Vans Warped Tour (where all 6 band and crew members lived and slept in a beat-up van for two months and somehow managed to not hate or kill each other. Actually, it was awesome).

In 2015, when the Warped Tour ended and the band began to plan their next release, Loveland knew deep in her deepest of hearts that they need a drastic change. She had created the idea of Candy Hearts when she was still a teenager and even though she still wears some of the band tees she wore in high school, she no longer had the same teenage feelings and insecurities. Not wanting to abandon the best years of her life, but still wanting to feel like she was wholly being herself (not a girl, not yet a woman, as Britney Spears would say it) Loveland transformed the band into Best Ex.

Best Ex will hit the road with Promise of Redemption (Shane from Valencia's solo project) and release a 6-song EP called 'Ice Cream Anti Social' this summer.

Photo by Ana Masard.

Best Ex

Best Ex