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Birds Of Tokyo


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It's no secret that the landscape of Birds Of Tokyo's home of Western Australia; a desert-like state so vast and unforgiving that to provide it with a soundtrack requires a higher level of grandeur and majesty one would ever dare associate with the 'pop' music tag.

But, down to its bones, pop music is what Birds of Tokyo write... they just layer those bones in muscle, and give the beast a heart.

Beautifully expressive in its texture, yet thick and rich in its deceptive simplicity; Birds Of Tokyo's music is universal and incredibly humanistic. In what could be described as the blink of an eye, the band have struck a nerve in their homeland, giving way to an unprecedented rise to popularity, but it is in their blossoming international recognition can be seen the band's true strength and ability to connect with people.

And, at the end of the day, that's why we make music to begin with... to connect with one another, convey and share emotions and expression, and bring ourselves closer to understanding how truly rare and precious we all are.

Though some things have changed over the years, Birds Of Tokyo have been smart enough to avoid trends, instead focusing on what seems to be a long-lost strategy: write great songs, then put them out. Seems simple really.

Since the release of their sophomore album 'Universes', it's been a non-stop ride for Birds Of Tokyo. A number #3 album debut, a GOLD record, two sold out national tours, three songs in the prestigious TRIPLE J HOTTEST 100, a main stage slot on the national BIG DAY OUT festival and countless glowing reviews of their album and live shows.

Here's what the critics have to say;

"Birds Of Tokyo have risen from underground independent rock to one of the must-see groups on the national circuit. One of the year's standout local rock albums" - Rollingstone Magazine

"A contender for Australian album of the year for sure, there isn't a weak moment to be found... they will blow you away every time. Pretty Much Perfect." - Bombshellzine

"This is an album of stunning depth and beauty. A rare bird, indeed" - Beat Magazine

"Birds Of Tokyo push some serious air with a sound that's got one foot at the bar at an honest pub rock gig, the other up on the foldback at a stadium with U2 and Pearl Jam supporting them. This album's going to be bigger than Gordon Ramsay's ego" - People Magazine

"Broken Bones and Silhoettic are gifted with not only a sublime voice but inescapable, timeless melodies and rich shimmering harmonies... nothing short of spine-tingling" - Inpress Magazine

"Kenny could sing the phonebook and make it sound like he was the only person that could ever do it justice." - Drum Media Sydney

"Blindingly original and as accessible as a bud in Amsterdam, Australia claims another world-class act" - Zoo Weekly

"Replete with thundering power riffs, uplifting choruses and the admittedly mellifluous voice of Ian Kenny, fans will undoubtedly adore this album" - J-Mag

Birds Of Tokyo

Birds Of Tokyo