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Children Collide


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Johnny (Guitar/Vox) and Heath (Bass) formed the band in Melbourne a few years back after hitch hiking their way from Lismore. As founding members and principle songwriters, Johnny and Heath play raw over-driven rock, oozing a range of influences. Using stop-start rhythmic patterns coupled with contagious pop melodies and insightful lyrics they infect audiences with an insentient bite leaving their indie rocker victims with an incurable addiction. As much as you try to resist, you can't help but tap your feet and hum the melodies.

Children Collide played their first live gig at Bar Open in Melbourne on Halloween night in October 2004. For a first show, Children Collide had the fortunate blessing of an amazing performance that everyone in the room loved. All the elements were there from the beginning - great songs, genius stage banter and a look that you couldn't help but envy.

With a few demos under their belt and a 6 track EP on Reverberation Records behind them, ('We Three Brave And True' - 2005) Children Collide have now signed with Flying Nun Australia, sister label to indie gods Flying Nun New Zealand.

The most exciting feature of Children Collide's music is actually what lurks beneath the noise, with Johnny drawing inspiration for his songwriting from diverse sources like Sir David Attenborough's 'Life on Earth'. But then a lot of the inspiration behind the band's songwriting is not exactly what you would call normal. Johnny explains, "I got an idea for a song after reading about how the Vikings colonised Greenland and then essentially wiped themselves out after 400 years. But the song only came out after hearing Boney M."

You're strongly advised to come to your own conclusions about the band's sound, but in music, comparisons are inevitable. Children Collide have had some pretty big names such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Fugazi thrown around, but ultimately, that's just like one of your mum's friends telling you how much you look like your grandmother. Children Collide's EP 'Glass Mountain Liars' out November 25th 2006

Children Collide

Children Collide