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Faze Miyake


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You can learn a lot about Faze Miyake's attitude to music through his Rinse FM show. Like his own productions, which avoid sticking to any one genre, his selections stretch from grime and dubstep to trap, hip-hop and wiry electronic funk. Fat, bulbous sub-bass lines and blizzards of clicking hi-hats collide with frosty synth stabs, woozy G-funk melodies and the frantic chatter of MCs. It's a thrilling, energising mix.

Indeed, while his own tracks are commonly associated with grime, "I haven't ever thought of myself as a full on grime producer," he explains. Having grown up in East London listening to pirate stations like Rinse FM and Deja Vu, a certain amount of its influence is ingrained in his music. However, "I've always been a strong listener of everything UK underground, from jungle to garage to dubstep, grime, whatever. I consider myself just somewhere along those lines, I float between all of them." He became acutely aware of existing in that middle ground when his breakthrough track 'Take Off' was released in 2011. "I had dubstep, hip-hop and grime DJs all playing that tune, and even BBC 1Xtra and commercial DJs," he marvels. "I realised, this is a very broad sound."

"And I've stuck to it," he continues. "I try and keep all of that in my music. Music's so weird and bonded now, every genre's mixing up, no-one's making just one thing anymore. Everyone's trying different things. It's good for music - there's no barriers in it, and people have become a bit more appreciative of everything. For my shows, whatever is good in the underground, anything I like, I'll play it - whether that's the 140bpm stuff, hop-hop, grime, dubstep, or branching out and playing quicker stuff. I'm just into everything."

Armed with an enviable discography boasting collaborations with Little Simz, D Double E, AJ Tracey, CASisdead, P Money, Sir Spyro, Preditah, Inga Copeland, Belly Squad, Sasha Go Hard and more, Faze has blazed a trail around the globe playing shows across Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Faze Miyake

Faze Miyake

23 Jun 17BirthdaysLondon, UK
13 Jul 17Rye WaxLondon, UK
03 Aug 17The Love InnBristol, UK
11 Aug 17Village UndergroundLondon, UK