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Monster Magnet


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Monster Magnet is back!

After three years, Dave Wyndorf and company are set to present their new release, '4-Way Diablo' on November 6th, 2007

With 12 new Wyndorf compositions and a fascinating cover of the Rolling Stones classic, '2000 Light Years From Home,' the album displays every bit of the raw and primal rock-n-roll urgency that has earned them the undying respect of fans, critics and fellow musicians around the globe. '4-Way Diablo' is a rock-o-delic ride directly into the brain of one of music's most intriguing figures and has already been hailed as "powerful", "visceral," and "haunting" by critics.

Haunting indeed. It's no secret that the enigmatic and often outspoken Wyndorf suffered a drug overdose on the eve of Monster Magnet's 2006 European tour. "I was playing a dangerous game," says Wyndorf. Using powerful sleeping pills to insure rest during Monster Magnet's constant 2005 touring schedule, Dave found himself addicted by year's end.

"Planes! Trains! Tour buses!" Wyndorf continues. "I had 'hard wired' myself to the life of a travelling showman. Nothing mattered except the shows. The pills let me sleep whenever I needed to so I used them a lot...then they started using ME. I was trapped and desperate, and things got spooky".

That "spookiness" certainly shows up on many of the tracks on '4-Way Diablo'. Songs like 'Little Bag of Gloom', 'Blow Your Mind', 'I'm Calling You' and the title track all display an emotional intensity that brings the listener deep into Wyndorf's harrowing experience.

Conversely, 'Wall of Fire', 'You're Alive', 'Solid Gold', 'Slap in the Face', 'No Vacation' joyfully exhibit the demented optimism Monster Magnet fans know and love. Sexy and alive, these tunes show Wyndorf happy, healthy and ready to rock.

The band's heavy, psychedelic power is felt on 'Cyclone' and 'A Thousand Stars' while 'Freeze and Pixelate' continues Wyndorf's experimental foray in to what he calls 'movie themes for films that don't exist yet.' "Tribal drums, strings and horns mixed with electric guitar is a cool sound," says Dave. "There will be a lot more of this sound in future projects."

Wyndorf has nothing but praise for his three band mates: Ed Mundell (guitar), Bob Pantella (drums) and Jim Baglino (bass). "These guys practically recorded this album by themselves," says Dave. "I was going through a difficult time (to say the least) and Ed, Bob and Jim totally stepped up to the plate. They nailed the tracks in one or two takes and played with all their heart and soul. Talented AND professional! Musicians don't come any better." 4-Way Diablo was recorded in Los Angeles by co-producer Matt Hyde ('Dopes To Infinity') and was completed in the summer of 2007.

Putting touring on the back burner for the time being, Wyndorf has plans to enter the studio "within six months" to record an as yet undisclosed album project. Dave says, "I want to make up for lost time. I need to create more and tour less. If I've learned anything out of my recent trouble, it's that I'm clearly not happy being a 'road warrior' any more. After 15 years it's time to apply my creativity to things that l AM happy with: music, recording and writing." He continues, "I'm not ruling out touring completely, it's just not the priority it used to be. New music comes first."


"Wyndorf is undeniably the 'real deal' - this record rules." - BOSTONS WEEKLY DIG

"Easily among their best work to date and arguably their best album post-Powertrip." - UWI BADGER HERALD

"Monster Magnet is now in a prime position to turn heads once more." -

"Monster Magnet continues to provide good, solid, hard tunes with staying power." - BABY SUE MUSIC REVUE

"4-Way Diablo signals a strong return to form for a band that came very close to being cut short." - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Dave Wyndorf - boogie rock's Dave Grohl, if you will." - EXCLAIM

"4 Way Diablo is an arsenal of tracks with every style one can think of. And they do each of them extremely well." - HARDROCK HAVEN

"Wyndorf still possesses one of the most commanding vocals of rock and roll; when in full effect you can not only hear him drop syllables but you can feel his presence hovering in the room." - DEAF SPARROW

"Dave is spitting those wonderful lyrics we have come to know and love, which can only be described as Wyndorfian." - U! WEEKLY

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet

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