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Latest in a proud lineage of power-trios, South Wales' Prosperina capably fuse musical complexity with an instinctive hooky lyrical melody; referencing both the classic rock of the past (Pink Floyd, Kyuss, Soundgarden) and the present (Tool, Isis, Mastodon). Delivered in a widescreen cinematic scope, there is a highly accomplished maturity and refreshing lack of artifice to these restrained, yet crushingly powerful anthems and virtual soundtracks.

Extracting the pop from prog and the drone from doom and shaping it into a commercial yet credible form is no mean feat for such a new outfit, likewise a masterly control of dynamics and pace. Recent support slots with Oceansize and Taint have further honed the band's considerable live prowess adding further dimensions to an already well-rounded package.
Couple all this with the massive and expensive-sounding production - not to mention the sheer quality of the songs - on the largely self-produced debut 'Faith In Sleep', and you have a virtually finished article.

"The band who fell to earth maintain an air of exciting otherworldliness. Combining stoner rock's intoxication and doom's leaden pacing, they manage the feat of being both epic and intimate, with glacial melodies. an extremely accomplished debut."
4/5 Kerrang!