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Rebecca Ferguson


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    From the very lowest moment in her life the extraordinarily talented Rebecca Ferguson has produced a breath taking new album, 'Superwoman'.

    Forged from heartbreak and a tale of lover's abandonment and the bittersweet joy of giving birth to his child, 'Superwoman' is infused with the strength of a woman who has finally taken control. It is the ultimate soundtrack for anyone who has ever had to build themselves back up after a heartbreak Rebecca is stronger, happier and more fearless than ever before.

    "This is honest and emotionally complex" says the Liverpool-born singer, whose first three albums - the double platinum 'Heaven', 'Freedom' and the Billie Holiday inspired, critically acclaimed 'Lady Sings The Blues' - have won her millions of fans in the UK and America.

    "In the past few years I've been through some of the worst pain I've ever had in my life but also some of the most precious happiness because I have a beautiful baby girl who I couldn't live without. We live in an era where everyone puts a gloss on their lives. There is so much pressure on every woman - especially women in the public eye - to pretend that everything is perfect."

    "But things haven't been perfect. I'm a successful singer, I came from nowhere and I've performed with Andrea Bocelli, Christina Aguilera and Lionel Ritchie but still a man could tear me down, humiliate me and make me feel weak."

    "I wanted to tell the truth about those emotions. I didn't want to hide from it and being honest made me stronger because it made me start to see the worth in myself. The music helped me work out who how I felt and who I was as an artist, mother and a woman. I found strength and security writing this album. I listened to songs by other female artists who had gone through similar hard experiences."

    "The only song I could find was 'Zion' by Lauren Hill. It made me realise that women hide their pain, they feel shamed by it and I was determined not to take on that shame but to challenge it, to push against the norm and make people think about these type of situations and express those feelings for the thousands of other women who go through what I've been through."

    Her fourth album contains every shade of the emotional spectrum.

    In the painfully raw, 'Hold Me', she sings of the confusion of simultaneously loving and hating her ex, in the anthemic 'Mistress' she says "it's about men who cheat and about refusing to allow yourself to be cheated on." 'Superwoman' is a love song to every mother fighting to do the best she can.

    Rebecca - whose timeless, soulful voice flows from the bloodline of Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington - has created modern torch songs that will touch anyone who has ever felt the pain of loss.

    She says: "It's an album for mothers, for single mothers, for abandoned mothers and for any woman whose heart has been broken and wants to hear a voice in that darkness and compassion and understanding when they need it the most."

    "It's my most personal album ever and it's brought me to a place in my life where I feel strong, happy and in control like I've never done before. A new chapter is beginning for me and the adventure starts here.
    I called it 'Superwoman' because I learnt to embrace my vulnerability and accept it as a strength."

    Reunited with Eg White (Adele, Florence And The Machine, Sam Smith) - who collaborated with her on her first two albums as well as Jonny Lattimer (Ellie Goulding, James Bay) and Negin Djafari (Miley Cyrus) the album has been produced by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse collaborator, Troy Miller.

    She says: "This was the first time I felt totally clear-minded about what I was writing, how I was performing and what I wanted to say. I felt able to speak up and say how I felt. In the past I've always been shy about making my feelings known, but what I went through changed me completely. I was a pregnant woman full of emotions and I allowed all those feelings to come out. I'd scream, shout and rage with anger, I would weep and cry. Ever since I was a child I always stopped myself from expressing extreme emotions and letting go was completely liberating."

    "I let myself break down and then I built myself up again by focusing on my family, my children (she has 12 year-old Lillie May and 10 year-old Karl from a previous relationship) and myself. I refused to let anyone control me. I'm a good mother, I work hard, I believe in myself as a singer and songwriter."

    "When I walked into the studio after my beautiful Arabella (now 20 months old) was born I felt a changed woman. I felt empowered. I knew I had something to say from my heart."

    The working class girl from Liverpool who battled so hard to make it as a singer has become one of the most exciting and compelling artists of our times.

    Since her break on X Factor six years ago, the once shy and insecure artist has gone on to win fans on both sides of the Atlantic, touring Britain, Europe and America winning plaudits from Adele as well as critics winning comparisons to her heroes Macy Gray and Aretha Franklin.

    But with her 30th birthday beckoning, Rebecca admits it is only now - after this life-changing album - that she feels a real adventure is ahead of her.

    "I'm so happy to say goodbye to my twenties," she says. "I had a difficult childhood and I was a mother very young and struggling to be recognised as a singer and songwriter. When I finally got what I wanted I discovered that fame was hard to handle."

    "It doesn't change the way you feel about yourself. I'd always felt all my life that somehow other people were making decisions for me and getting famous just amplified that."
    "I love singing, I love writing and I love being with my kids, my family and my mum - nothing else really matters to me. I'm not the best judge of personality and I've made a lot of mistakes in a lot of relationships. But I own up to those mistakes and I'm learning from them."

    "I feel brave, I feel ready to do something different. I'm not looking for a relationship with anyone except myself, my family and my music. I know I'm going to be inspired. It's a big new chapter in my life and I'm embracing it with all my heart."

    "I feel I've been through a fire and come out of it a new woman and this woman knows what she wants and is going to go for it."

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson