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Sinjin Hawke


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Before releasing his long-awaited debut 'First Opus', Sinjin Hawke had already achieved recognition as one of the most groundbreaking club producers. A specialist in choir manipulation and monolithic orchestral arrangements, collaborative pieces with Just Blaze, DJ Rashad and MikeQ paved his way to produce for monoliths like Kanye West and Frank Ocean.

With the establishment of Fractal Fantasy in 2014, Sinjin and Zora Jones created an environment for their interactive experiments to live in, and by 2017 it was being touted as one of the most innovative audiovisual platforms.

In the wake of 'First Opus', Sinjin has begun working on interactive installations which audiences should expect to experience very soon.

Sinjin Hawke

Sinjin Hawke

02 Dec 17Razzmatazz (Fractal Fantasy)Barcelona, SPAIN
08 Dec 17Sudpol (Fractal Fantasy)Luzern, SWITZERLAND
12 Dec 17Rote Sonne (Fractal Fantasy)Munich, GERMANY
16 Dec 17Apollo Club (Fractal Fantasy)Milan, ITALY