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The Trouble With Templeton


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Bella Union are thrilled to introduce Australian quintet The Trouble With Templeton whose debut album 'Rookie' will be released in May.

Already a huge success in Australia, The Trouble With Templeton is the creation of singer/songwriter Thomas Calder, a 23-year-old wunderkind who formed the band in 2011. The following year saw TTWT expand to a five-piece including Hugh Middleton (lead guitar, BVs), Betty Yeowart (keys, BVs), Sam Pankhurst (bass, BVs) and Ritchie Daniell (drums), the new members complimenting Calder's emotive vocals and songwriting with a collaborative, self-assured sound.

Adventurous, eccentric and stunningly melodic, 'Rookie' is an album that leaves a distinct musical impression. With their debut release The Trouble With Templeton have crafted a record full of warmth and heart, whilst displaying a willingness to make music that's not afraid to affect or surprise. "The only prerequisite we had going in was that if we loved the song and we believe in it, then we were going to record it," says Thomas. "The element of surprise is something we really enjoy in music, something we're always shooting for. You don't want to know where a song is going from the first two lines." As a result, the album is a whirling dervish of moods and colours, of tempos and genres, melodies and layers, tackling concepts behind relationships and the way unique human narratives emerge from different viewpoints.

The stirring lilt of 'You Are New' encapsulates this distinct TTWT approach. A gentle swell underpins the waltzing guitars and keys, with Thomas' voice soaring amid it all to provide the emotional crux.

That's a key point of 'Rookie'. Emotion. It's chock full of it. From singles like the bombastic 'Like A Kid' and haunting 'Six Months In A Cast', to the plaintive hush of 'Secret Pastures' and the fuzzy grit of 'Soldiers'. Thomas' incredibly evocative, force-of-nature voice spins tales of characters grasping after their own identity and dealing with the consequences of the decisions.

Musically, defining 'Rookie' beyond a happily all-encapsulating idea like "intelligent melodic alt-pop" isn't worth the hassle. It's an album that demands listening to in order to be understood. "It's held together by something undefinable," reckons Thomas. "For me it's a whole kaleidoscope of sounds and genres, but there's something holding it together, and that's us as a band."

The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton