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  • Pokey LaFarge

    "It really feels like I'm taking a big step forward on this one," Pokey LaFarge says of 'Something in the Water', his seventh album and his Rounder debut. "While we were recording it, I kept thinking, 'Hey, we're really onto something here.'"

    Indeed, the dozen-song set marks a new landmark in a career that's already filled with musical highlights. The St.Louis-based singer, songwriter,

  • Laura White
    Laura White Posted by Steve Backman 09 Feb, 2017

    Laura is an incredible and soulful singer song-writer originally from Greater Manchester who has lent her songwriting skills to the likes of Rhianna and Leona Lewis whilst also penning Grammy nominated track 'New York Raining' for Rita Ora, which also featured on US TV show 'Empire', most recently she collaborated with Galantis, both co-writing and featuring on their recent ch

  • Ginger Snaps
    Ginger Snaps Posted by Steve Backman 09 Feb, 2017

    Ginger Snaps is multi-instrumentalist singer and producer Jay Brook from Northampton. Whilst also being a main writer for the Radio X play-listed 'OhBoy!', Jay & his writing partner Lee Irons have spent time in their Northampton Lab cooking up a brand new sound.

    Beginning in April 2015, Jay & Lee set out on a new musical adventure, a recipe they'd been eager to debut for years t

  • Ama Lou
    Ama Lou Posted by Andy Duggan 07 Feb, 2017

    The North London - native Ama Lou is certainly on the mission to cement herself firmly in the music scene with her distinctive sounds and her unique style. The classically trained singer has certainly created a buzz! To date, she has received support from notable publications.

    Press and music tastemakers have upheld her debut single 'TBC' with ID stating, "A beautifully shot sho

  • Spiral Stairs

    It's been eight years since Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Stairs, released any new music. He knows that. The years just have a habit of slipping away sometimes.

    'The Real Feel' - the Pavement guitarist and Preston School Of Industry leader's 3rd album - arrived in 2009, just as Pavement were announcing a hugely successful burst of reunion shows through 2010. "Then, after the Pavement

  • D Double E
    D Double E Posted by Craig D'Souza 31 Jan, 2017

    "...Heart is cold and I've got no fears
    Shed no tears, no MC compares
    I've been badding up MCs for years
    From way back when you used to wear flares
    By the time you opened your ears
    I'm gonna climb to the top like stairs..."


    D Double E (DEE) is the emcee's MC. Among his peers and grime fans he comfortably sits as one of the top 3 selected mic controllers of all time. ?An

  • Bash & Pop
    Bash & Pop Posted by Ed Sellers 31 Jan, 2017

    'Anything Could Happen' is the 2nd album by Bash & Pop, a very welcome and loooong-awaited follow-up to 1992's 'Friday Night Is Killing Me'. The helmsman of the group is one Thomas Eugene Stinson, better known as Tommy of The Replacements - the seminal band of which he was co-founder, bassist and sparkplug. Now, coming off a fruitful 18-year stretch playing bass with stadium rocker

  • Decade

    Bath-based alternative rock quintet Decade have carefully and consistently been grafting away in the background for the past two years, crafting and sculpting their sound into something that's now as progressive as it is packed with nostalgia for another time.

    Their strength comes from a time where songs were king and music was made from unflinching desire and necessity, rathe

  • Ziggy Marley

    An open mind naturally attracts inspiration. Ziggy Marley remains receptive to the countless muses and magnetic flurries of creativity surrounding him on his musical journey. In 2014, he fully embraced a distinct freedom while working on his fifth solo offering 'Fly Rasta' which received the 2015 GRAMMY Award for 'Best Reggae Album.' Maintaining that mindset, he went one step fu

  • Bad Pop
    Bad Pop Posted by Matt Bates 28 Jan, 2017

    BAD POP have grown up, and they're kind of pissed off about it. So, this indie rock band turned to every teenager's refuge: distortion pedals and sarcasm.

    The targets are wide for Canadian band BAD POP's furious but refreshing upcoming release, a deluge of raw punk rock energy, warm analog psychedelia, and cheeky nihilistic musings on music festivals, fast food and the lonelines

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