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  • Palm
    Palm Posted by Matt Pickering-Copley 20 Apr, 2017

    Palm plays rock music backwards. Their songs bear a certain methodology, though there is a tendency towards impulse which seems almost violently opposed to it. The band deals willfully in contradictions like this. The elements of any given song fit together like slightly melted puzzle pieces, serving up rigidity and looseness in equal measure. Palm songs imply architecture, bu

  • Che Lingo
    Che Lingo Posted by Craig D'Souza 19 Apr, 2017

    Born in South West London in 1992, Rapper/MC Che Lingo, was the unpopular kid. After growing up in the crux of the UK Rap/Grime scenes, Che Lingo's magic lies in his ability to fuse his melodic rap style and intense lyricism with eclectic flows; encompassing all the best elements of what UK Urban music has to offer.

    "My Rap derives from Grime but I'm a songwriter at heart really!"

  • Santino Le Saint
    Santino Le Saint Posted by Craig D'Souza 18 Apr, 2017

    Santino Le Saint. His quietly confident, spry manner belies that he is the next generation's rockstar. Towering well over 6 ft, he is softened by an endearing grin and an infectious, youthful optimism. Of Jamaican-British heritage, his effortless swagger is born and raised South London through and through, having been raised between Brixton and Morden.

    It is easy, yet all to

  • Party Favor

    Few acts have the innovative color and diverse repertoire of Party Favor, one of the fastest rising names in Dance Music. His edgy style helped pioneer the festival trap genre, exhilarating and thrilling audiences and turning heads across the globe. Party Favor, AKA Dylan Ragland, is currently making groundbreaking remixes for names such as Dillon Francis, Diplo, Flosstradamus

  • QTY
    QTY Posted by Matt Bates 13 Apr, 2017
  • Dutch Mob

    Dutch Mob are comprised of two of Bristol's finest rappers, Res One of Split Prophets and Mistafire of Se Fire. Having come from two of Bristol's most respected crews, they have combined their understanding of the art to create an all-out madness from the speakers to the stage.

    The vibe is set with heavyweight sounds from the likes of Ill-informed, Bad Habitz and Don Piper - un

    BLOXX Posted by Matt Bates 12 Apr, 2017

    BLOXX are a brand new 4 piece from Uxbridge who's new track 'You' is unveiled to the world today in anticipation of its release on the 14th April 2017.

    Super-infectious teenage grunge-pop is the order of the day on the dazzlingly catchy 'You', which sits perfectly alongside its fellow A-Side and previously shared 'Your Boyfriend' on the brand new release on Chess Club. Released on

  • Throwing Shade
    Throwing Shade Posted by Andy Duggan 10 Apr, 2017

    Many musicians speak of their versatility, but few can boast an MPhil from Cambridge specialising in African history, work in human rights law (predominately in South Africa), a Black Belt in Karate and enviable sonic CVs among their caches. Yet such is the extraordinary makeup of London-based Throwing Shade, aka Nabihah Iqbal, a rising producer, DJ and NTS Radio host whose la

  • Halogenix
    Halogenix Posted by Francesco Caccamo 10 Apr, 2017

    Progressive talent Halogenix has swiftly scaled the ranks in recent years to find himself on the leading-edge of innovative drum and bass music. His background as a classically trained musician combined with an ear for a vast range of sonic influences has manifested in the distinctive productions that you hear today.

    The adept North Londoner broke in 2011 with the clinical vi

  • Central Cee

    Central Cee is an unsigned rapper writing lyrics with deep rooted meaning from the heart.

    All the way from the Endz W12 Shepherds Bush, Central Cee was only 16 weeks old when i heard the loud bass line coming from various sound systems and floats at Notting Hill Carnival and he has only missed one carnivals since. Since that early introduction to music, Central Cee found a l

  • Lifestyle
    Lifestyle Posted by Matt Bates 05 Apr, 2017
  • Faze Miyake

    You can learn a lot about Faze Miyake's attitude to music through his Rinse FM show. Like his own productions, which avoid sticking to any one genre, his selections stretch from grime and dubstep to trap, hip-hop and wiry electronic funk. Fat, bulbous sub-bass lines and blizzards of clicking hi-hats collide with frosty synth stabs, woozy G-funk melodies and the frantic chatter

  • Blondes
    Blondes Posted by Lucinda Runham 03 Apr, 2017

    Sam Haar and Zach Steinman, Blondes, first met at Oberlin College in 2003, where they studied electroacoustic composition and studio art respectively, and became collaborators in a smattering of short-lived experimental outfits. Subsequently they moved to Oakland, NYC, and finally Berlin, where they founded Blondes, before settling in Brooklyn as their home base. After an EP r

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