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Eprom is one of the vibrant West-Coast scene's most colourful characters and an important cog in the international Rwina machine. He's a consummate post-millennial producer, and his sound varies from toxic hip-hop to searing garage mutations to bizarre concoctions somewhere in between. His beats jiggle and drip and contort wildly, always in some perpetual state of melting, churning, and mutation. He's had releases on Warp, Surefire, and Bristol-based Bad Acid, but it's his Rwina releases that have been the most visible and enduring, whether it's the timestretch torture and fierce melodic geysers of 'Humanoid' or deconstructionist mayhem of his 'Pipe Dream' EP, where dubstep and grime collide for a staggering beast that shakes off heavy blotches of radioactive fluorescent sludge with every beat that lands. His live sets are something to behold as well, emphasizing the hip-hop roots that lurk underneath his sewer beats, and an hour of Eprom is bound to turn your brain into to the same sort of goo that gums the gears of his distinctive beats.

Fans and supporters of Eprom include Flying Lotus, ?uestlove, DJ Shadow, Rustie, The Gaslamp Killer, The Glitch Mob and BBC Radio One's Mary Anne Hobbs, and the producer has shared the stage with many of the international electronic music community's hottest artists. With his new album, 'Metahuman', garnering critical acclaim from all corners, Eprom is finally getting the recognition he has earned as an integral part of the giant bouncing backbone of West Coast Sound.



  • 13 Dec, 2017

    Ivy Lab: Remix Eprom's 'Oksana'

    Ivy Lab have remixed Eprom's track 'Oksana'.


  • 24 May, 2017

    Eprom: New Track 'B.F.G.' From 'Pineapple' EP

    Eprom has just shared the track 'B.F.G.' form his forthcoming 'Pineapple' EP.
    Listen on Spotify.


  • 27 Aug, 2016

    Eprom: New Shades EP

    Eprom & Alix Perez's Shades' collaboration release their 3rd EP 'Better To Reign In Hell, Than Serve In Heaven' on 1985 Music on 2nd September.
    Premiered on Mixmag.


    'The Bees' is available as a free download.


  • 27 Aug, 2016

    Eprom: Solid Steel Radio Show

    Eprom presents a one hour special for the Solid Steel Radio Show.
    His new 'Samurai' EP is available on Bandcamp from the link below.


  • 21 Jul, 2016

    EPROM: New 'Samurai' EP

    Fresh from his summer EU tour alongside Alix Perez as Shades, Portland based beatsmith EPROM is gearing up to release his new 'Samurai' EP, on 29th July 2016.


  • 02 Nov, 2015

    EPROM & Barclay Crenshaw: 'Crawled Eagle'

    EPROM and Barclay Crenshaw (AKA Claude VonStroke) collaborate on 'Crawled Eagle', which according to VonStroke is the result of three days hidden away in his Venice studio during which he and EPROM sampled and then resampled their choice analog sounds. Though both voices are present, it s certainly EPROM who takes the lead on this track. His elongated bass wake splices together with the quirky samples Crewnshaw often replicates in his own tracks - repetitive vocal snippets, wandering bird calls, and psychedelic reverb. Without a doubt, this is the nastiest production to ever take flight from the Crenshaw studio.

    'Crawled Eagle', along with the 'Moon Juice' B-side, will be available October 30th via STX and BRX.
    Click link to listen.


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  • 14 Aug, 2015

    EPROM & Salva Remix Kanye West's 'All Day'

    EPROM and Salva have unofficially turned Kanye West's 'All Day' into a raw, distortion heavy monster that will blow your mind.

    Hudson Mohawke dropped it in his set at Osheaga Festival in Montreal and between the screwed up vocals, devastating bass, and chopped up vocals, listening to this song for the first time will leave your head spinning.

    The track was featured in Salva's 'Secret Stash 2', a pack of remixes of popular songs from Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown, Elijah Blake & Dej Loaf, The Weeknd, and more, available only via BitTorrent, but according to Salva's PR rep, Kanye heard the remix and loves it so much that he wants to release it properly.

    It will be on iTunes soon, but for the moment it is no longer part of the package on BitTorrent.

    You can listen to being premiered by Zane Lowe on his Beats1 radio show now, via Soundcloud.


  • 12 Jul, 2015

    Alix Perez & EPROM: New 'Shades' EP

    EPROM and Alix Perez have recorded a collaborative EP, 'Shades', due out on Alpha Pup Records on July 31st.

    'Shades' isn't the first time the UK producer and Shogun Audio associate Perez has shared space with Portland's EPROM - they both appeared on last year's Foreign Beggars' EP 'Modus'. This time, however, they're working together, offering up four tracks for LA concern Alpha Pup. The label says the "release tickles the limbic system with gravity-distorting bass and inspired hooks," reportedly inspired by footwork, early rave and g-funk. You can check out 'Chiron' here.



  • 20 Mar, 2015

    Eprom: Remixes Amon Tobin

    Audio/visual pioneer Amon Tobin will release his first new music in four years on Record Store Day (18th April). Featuring five brand new tracks backed by remixes from Lee Gamble, Logos and Eprom, 'Dark Jovian' is the product of Tobin's restless experimentation and a voracious sci-fi obsession, both of which are manifested in the EP's beautiful and enigmatic packaging.

    Referencing the heavenly bodies that informed the music, 'Dark Jovian' will be released as a set of two single-sided heavyweight 180g white vinyl 12"s with etched markings, encased in a white, branded, rubber wheel and housed in a transparent plastic box, designed by Alexander Brown.


    eprom amon
  • 17 Sep, 2014

    Eprom: Future 'Move That Dope' Remix Free Download

    Eprom has remixed Future's 'Move That Dope', and it's available as a free download from Soundcloud.
    European dates are scheduled for November.