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    GRAVEDGR, pronounced "gravedigger", is no one new to the harder sounds of music. Starting at the age of 15, he began working at his local cemetery digging graves with his dad. From balancing digging graves to creating some of the hardest sounds of bass music, he created a distinctive sound like no other. The dark elements of the cemetery and his hands-on experience digging grave

  • Tatum
    Tatum Posted by Steve Backman 15 Jan, 2020

    Tatum's debut single 'Broken' is a moody, broody ballad and a consuming coming of age.

    From the intense opening line of Tatum's debut single 'Broken' the 18-year-old singer immediately throws down the gauntlet and you feel it instantly.

    Her voice smacks of the languid romanticism of Lana Del Rey and the moody phrasing of Lorde, and it's steeped in dream pop lashings and an emotiona

  • Shygirl
    Shygirl Posted by Andy Duggan 14 Jan, 2020

    "An amalgamation of genres born in the club but not tied completely to it" - is how Shygirl has described her sound.

    South-East London born and raised 'Shygirl', Blane Muise is far from defined by her name. Shygirl is not an alter-ego but a collective of personality traits which can take her to the next level with no repercussions.

    Born from long-time musical influences and expl

  • Redrago
    Redrago Posted by Laetitia Descouens 11 Jan, 2020

    Redrago is the new joint project of Red Axes and DJ Tennis.

  • Lars Fredericksen
    Lars Fredericksen Posted by Ed Sellers 09 Jan, 2020
    RIP ETERNAL Posted by Martin Mackay 09 Jan, 2020
  • Candy
    Candy Posted by Matt Pickering-Copley 08 Jan, 2020

    Candy is a synthesis of where aggressive music should be. Hardcore has reached a crossroads with Metal, a place where lyrical discourse and impassioned screaming is as important as the memorable riffs and pounding rhythms highlighting Candy's music.

  • ishi vu
    ishi vu Posted by Andy Duggan 06 Jan, 2020
    RIOPY Posted by Nick Holroyd 12 Dec, 2019

    RIOPY is a London based French pianist and composer whose self-titled debut album was released last year. His compositions have been featured in movie trailers and feature films with recent compositions featured in trailers for Oscar-winning films such as 'The Danish Girl' and 'The Shape of Water'.

    Born and raised in the French countryside, RIOPY began to teach himself the piano

  • Crown The Empire

    When tides turn, winds change direction, and passing fads fade, true passion is revealed through grit, determination, and steadfast staying power. Roughly a decade into a rapid ascent that began with magazine covers and high profile spots on career-making tours, 'CROWN THE EMPIRE' make a bold claim for long-term relevance with a striking mission statement, 'Sudden Sky'.

    The band

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