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  • Runnner

    Runnner is the project of songwriter and producer Noah Weinman. Sometimes working alone, other times acting as a musical collective with a close group of friends, Runnner fuses intimate, folk songwriting with experimental production to create what he jokingly refers to as "bandcamp songs for soundcloud kids."

  • Manu Grace
    Manu Grace Posted by Matt Pickering-Copley 29 Jul, 2020

    Manu Grace is a singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist from South Africa. Although hesitant to commit to a genre, her music can most accurately be described as Sensitive Pop - unguarded and groovy; appealing to both heart and feet alike.

  • MizOrMac
    MizOrMac Posted by Craig D'Souza 23 Jul, 2020

    After a three year hiatus, the highly claimed “King of Drill” MizOrMac has returned. Originally in the most influential drill collective Harlem Spartans with fellow leading names Blanco, Loski and the late Bis, Miz debuted his intellectuality and defined rapping skills in 2016 with “Kennington Bop”.

    Though he has spent some time away, the proud Kennington based rapper h

  • S1MBA
    S1MBA Posted by Craig D'Souza 16 Jul, 2020

    Born in Zimbabwe where he played djembe drums and joined a marimba band, S1MBA moved to the U.K. at the age of nine and has an incredible story to tell. It might sound like an overnight success story, but Leonard Simbarashe Rwodzi (aka S1MBA) has spent his whole life around music. While finishing school, he learned to play the piano and soon joined the church band. He then beg

  • Bad Gyal
    Bad Gyal Posted by Serena Parsons 13 Jul, 2020

    Ever since her cover of Rihanna's 'Work' (titled 'Pai') went viral, the Hispanic scene worldwide has been rallying behind a new queen, Alba Farelo, aka Bad Gyal. A spree of undeniable and unorthodox hits began with another YouTube DIY sensation in 'Indapanden', while breakout tracks 'Mercadona' and 'Fiebre' rapidly emerged as anthems of a rapidly burgeoning scene in her native Spain and

  • Izzy Camina
    Izzy Camina Posted by Peter Elliott 09 Jul, 2020

    Raised in New Jersey, and forged by the sound of the UK, Izzy Camina began writing and producing music during her junior year of high school. Originally anticipating a career as a “beat producer” for local rappers, she decided to embark on an artist project, dropping out of college and moving to the East end of London, England, where her father was born. It was there that

  • Kate Bollinger
    Kate Bollinger Posted by Will Marshall 09 Jul, 2020

    For Kate Bollinger, knowing how to articulate exactly what she means would take a seemingly unattainable level of communicational prowess. Because of this, her nuanced songwriting gives listeners a framework within which they can project their own experiences. “It is rare that my words represent my thoughts accurately and even in the instances where I feel that they do, I kn

  • Jaguar Jonze

    Life-changing serendipity happens only to a chosen few, and that moment took musician-artist Deena Lynch by surprise while playing an Iggy Pop tribute night in her native Brisbane, Australia. After witnessing the unhinged performance of a guy emulating Iggy, she knew she had to up her game. “So, I cracked down two tequila shots,” she recalls, and then transformed into a b

  • Mitski

    Mitski Miyawaki has always been wary of being turned a symbol, knowing we’re quick to put women on pedestals and even quicker to knock them down. Nonetheless, after the breakout success of 2016’s Puberty 2, she was hailed as the new vanguard of indie rock, the one who would save the genre from the white dudes who’ve historically dominated it. Her carefully crafted songs

  • Nation of Language

    Brooklyn-based synth auteurs Nation of Language entered 2020 as one of the most heralded new acts of recent memory, having already earned high-praise from the likes of NME, FADER, Stereogum and countless others for their ability to blend the upbeat with a healthy dose of sardonic melancholy. Inspired by the early new-wave and punk movements, the band quickly earned a reputatio

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