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  • CloZee
    CloZee Posted by Paul McQueen 01 Jun, 2020

    A purveyor of lucid sounds, French producer Chloé Herry is a worldly and rhythmic figure in the electronic music atmosphere. Best known as CloZee, this Toulouse dwelling producer awakens the wanderer within. Orchestrated under the umbrella of modern electronic music, CloZee’s sound can best be described as world bass. Drawing inspiration from her frequent travels and subseq

  • Baby‎ Queen
    Baby‎ Queen Posted by Will Marshall 29 May, 2020

    Born in Durban, South Africa, and now based in London, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Bella Latham adopted the moniker Baby Queen to write about the whirlwind life of Instagram influencers and fashion parties she found herself immersed in when she moved to London as a teenager.

    Baby‎ Queen makes grunge-pop for a disaffected Gen Z, tackling issues like internet

  • Holly
    Holly Posted by Paul McQueen 28 May, 2020

    24-year-old music artist Miguel Oliveira, otherwise known by his stage name “Holly”, has quickly and efficiently made quite a name for himself in the world of electronic music over the last 6 years, as he began making music at age 18. Holly was able to share his music around the world at an impressively early stage in his career, making stops in the US, Australia, Europe,

  • Biicla
    Biicla Posted by Paul McQueen 26 May, 2020

    Biicla is a Russian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer. He is from an extremely small town in Russia called Labytnangi (born in Dubna), which population is less than 30,000. He’s had success in Russia and has recently began to make waves in the US with his unique and irresistibly catchy international brand of future bass mixed with house music influences.

  • Luke Elliot

    Luke Elliot’s evocatively titled sophomore album, The Big Wind, is a barometer of these turbulent times. “These songs have to do with a pull to come into a stable existence. While writing them, I had no permanent residence, but I stopped being a mess, I met my wife, and I scrambled to get this record done,” the New Jersey-based artist reveals. “Everybody has to grow up

  • Courting

    Courting are a Liverpool based post punk band who write witty, jagged songs about everything from awful public transport to Take That reunions.

  • Gia Ford
    Gia Ford Posted by Matt Bates 15 May, 2020

    Assuming the moniker Gia Ford, 23 year-old Molly McCormick reaches for a name that is punchy, reminiscent of 80s American pop culture. This new identity allows her to reach into fashion as a heightened version of herself, and leaks into her music, allowing her to create a world within a world.

    Discovered on Instagram and subsequently snapped up by Dirty Hit (The 1975, Wolf Al

  • Starsailor

    Starsailor burst onto the scene in 2001 when their single Fever earned them the title of "Britain's best new band". The band was formed at Wigan and Leigh Music College by music students James Walsh (vocals/guitar), James Stelfox (bass), and Ben Byrne (drums). Later saw the arrival of keyboardist Barry Westhead, who cemented their sound. In April 2000, after seeing their first Lon

    MICHELLE Posted by Matt Bates 27 Apr, 2020
  • The Lazy Eyes
    The Lazy Eyes Posted by Matt Bates 24 Apr, 2020

    From the cosy and nonchalant suburbia of Lindfield in Sydney, Australia; one can occasionally hear raging and scuzzy guitars, or sombre grand piano tones bleeding into the bush that encases an unassuming little blue house - offering a contrast to the deafening white noise of crickets chirping. The wildlife in the area taints the music, both in its emotion and in the realest se

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