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  • Massive Wagons
  • RATS
    RATS Posted by Ben Winchester 11 Jan, 2022

    The best bands have both an intrinsic bond that binds them together, and a natural flair that instantly wins over hearts and minds. That’s exactly what you have in RATS - four childhood friends who met on the streets of Liverpool, but are now destined for arenas.

    A blast of direct and anthemic indie that’s as infectious as it is heartfelt, the sound of RATS has already s

  • Lil Lotus
    Lil Lotus Posted by Beckie Sugden 04 Jan, 2022

    ERRØR BØY is his debut album on Epitaph, a fully realized studio effort that amplifies the flawless songwriting he’d been creating on his own. The album was born with scars of addiction, toxic relationships, and everything else under the sun. The album is the synthesis of his best efforts and worst instincts. “ERRØR BØY is about how I’ve struggled with addiction, I've

  • Eli & Fur

    Eli & Fur's unwavering passion for producing, songwriting and performing, plus a flair for creating dark emotive dance anthems, have put the London based duo firmly at the forefront of the international house & techno scene. Their sonic aesthetic marries a mysterious and enigmatic mood with evocative vocals, cascading synths and rolling basslines - a heady mix that is both addi

  • Big Image
    Big Image Posted by Matt Bates 22 Sep, 2021

    Big Image combine the reverb-drenched piano of house, the propulsive breakbeats of drum and bass and the bubbling buoyancy of baggy to create a cocktail sound that is entirely theirs.

    With smart, world-weary lyricism, and arms-around-shoulders sentiment, the Midlands four piece – composed of George, vocals; Luke, bass; Connor, guitar; and Seb, drums – make euphoric and t

    TAAHLIAH Posted by Sally Dunstone 21 Sep, 2021

    TAAHLIAH is a rising star from Glasgow. After making her name in the underground queer club scenes of Berlin & Glasgow as a DJ and remixer, she took to the stage as a producer in 2021, releasing on London label untitled (recs).

    Her debut-EP "Angelica" brings together TAAHLIAH's expansive production skills and range of influences, moving effortlessly between squeaky-clean hyperpo

  • Agoria
    Agoria Posted by Laetitia Descouens 16 Sep, 2021

    Agoria is not like any other rave child. At the beginning of the 90s, he experienced a golden age where history was written with each new evening. Electronic music had no code or face yet, only a few values that it was quick to forget. Since then, as one of the pioneers who invented techno in France, he has proven himself by escaping from the framework that he himself has cont

  • Hyd
    Hyd Posted by Sally Dunstone 08 Sep, 2021

    Hyd is Hayden Dunham. Her music asks us to pause, fall to our knees, and put our ears to the ground. Like geothermal water bubbling up through dirt, or lava bursting through the cracks between rocks, the release of Hyd’s self-titled EP marks the emergence of a lifetime of underground materials. More disclosure than debut, Hyd’s four-track offering lets us feel the heat tha

  • Hannah Wants

    Hannah Wants has been on a wild journey since her professional DJ career began in 2010. Originally from Birmingham in England Hannah is one of the brightest stars in the global electronic scene with a loyal fan base and dedicated touring schedule that continues to flourish on a worldwide scale.

    A quick look back at Hannah’s biggest summer yet, 2019 saw a scorching European

  • Finnegan Tui
    Finnegan Tui Posted by Matt Bates 03 Sep, 2021

    New Zealand born, London based Artist Finnegan Tui is hot off the press, and is leaping onto the scene with a sound unlike anything else.

    Thundering basses made using the sounds of trains, synths made from sealions and rivers, collide with considered songwriting and raw vocals in Finnegan's dark folk inspired songs.

    After moving to the UK, Finnegan received a scholarship to

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