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  • Indigo De Souza

    Almost all records are a snapshot, a musical ribbon bow that documents a very specific moment in time or simply ties-off everything up to that point. Indigo De Souza’s I Love My Mom, her debut LP initially released in 2018, was the latter; a collection of the best songs she’d written in the few years that preceded it, recorded quickly and breathlessly and thrown out into t

  • Teenage Halloween
    Teenage Halloween Posted by Ed Sellers 16 Apr, 2021

    Since their start in 2014, power pop group Teenage Halloween have nurtured DIY roots in the New Jersey punk scene. Teenage Halloween was founded by Asbury Park locals Luk Henderiks (lead vocals/guitar) and Brandon Hakim (sax) and had operated on a rotating cast of members. Over the past few years a solid lineup was established including Eli Frank (lead guitar), Jane Lai (keyboa

  • Arrdee
    Arrdee Posted by Craig D'Souza 15 Apr, 2021
  • Cashh
    Cashh Posted by Craig D'Souza 15 Apr, 2021

    A new wave of rappers have swept across the nation this era, creating international acclaim within the industry of Hip hop; Cashh previously known as Cashtastic being one. He is highly regarded as one of the future household names in UK Rap, who is stamping his sound firmly onto the mainstream echelons of music.

    His birth place of Park Lane in Kingston Jamaica and being raise

  • English Teacher
    English Teacher Posted by Matt Bates 14 Apr, 2021

    English Teacher’s latest track, 'R&B’, fuses several of the band’s musical influences to create a dynamic and driving sonic experience. From raw, distorted guitar and bass reminiscent of Sonic Youth and Slint, to white-knuckle drums and assertive vocals not too dissimilar to those of punk purveyors Shame, ‘R&B’ is a cocktail of sound showcasing English Teacher’s ve

    IMANBEK Posted by Paul McQueen 14 Apr, 2021

    Having miraculously broken all possible music charts with his multi-platinum Roses Remix, Imanbek (born Imanbek Zeikenov) hails from Kazakhstan province town Aksu and despite his young age of 20 has already changed the history EDM. Firstly, he became the first Eastern European musician to enter the top 5 of US Billboard HOT 100 peaking at #4 after all. SAINt JHN’s single ‘

  • Malady
    Malady Posted by Matt Bates 07 Apr, 2021
  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus Posted by Martje Kremers 30 Mar, 2021

    Being a former regular at KitKat Club, Griessmühle & Golden Gate Berlin – venues considered to be the cornerstone of Germany’s techno scene – and with performances at festivals like Exit (Serbia) and Forte (Portugal) she quickly became a sought-after name in the worldwide underground scene.

    Black Lotus, who was born and raised in Berlin, is an electronic music DJ, rec

  • Cookiee Kawaii
    Cookiee Kawaii Posted by Sally Dunstone 25 Mar, 2021

    Cookiee Kawaii didn’t have any of this planned. When the rapper set to work on her viral hit “Vibe,” it was the product of seeing her frequent producer TrillzAl post the instrumental to Instagram and swiftly asking him to take it down for her use. “I can listen to a thousand beats and most of them, I’ll probably say, ‘I don't like that,’” she explains. “But th

    SNUBBS Posted by Craig D'Souza 22 Mar, 2021

    The 25 -year-old rapper SNUBBS fresh out of Manhattanville projects in Harlem, New York unbridled personality and raw talent have led him to work with Dave East, Jay Critch and ASAP Rocky  just to name a few.

    SNUBBS was first introduced to the music scene, when his twerk song “Throw that Bacc” went viral at the age of 16. However, as SNUBBS matured so did his

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