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  • Pinkshift
    Pinkshift Posted by Ed Sellers 16 Oct, 2020
  • Viji
    Viji Posted by Matt Bates 16 Oct, 2020

    Vanilla Jenner aka Viji is an Austrian-Brazilian London-based singer-songwriter. A multi-instrumentalist by the age of seven after an early introduction to music from her instrument builder father, Viji creates imaginative and original music that crosses the worlds of alternative pop and lo-fi indie weirdness. Her influences range from Frank Ocean, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Blood O

    JULY JONES Posted by Peter Elliott 15 Oct, 2020

    July is an eastern-europeon London-based artist, songwriter and feminist with a unique and global outlook on sexuality, politics and mental health.

    Her richly diverse views on gay culture + mental health has had a huge impact on her musical and personal journey. Having already had huge success + recognition as a writer with credits including Girli, BTS, Sigala, 1991, 99 Souls

    IC3PEAK Posted by Chris Smyth 15 Oct, 2020

    Audiovisual terrorists IC3PEAK - Nastya Kreslina and Nick Kostylev - a provocative duo hailing from Moscow, who have become one of the leading voices for eastern european youth. Their album CKA3KA (Fairytale), released in 2018, is a Russian horror fairytale put in a nowadays social context. Its arc passes through delicate, ethereal textures, frantic beat, fierce vocals and the

  • Origami Angel
    Origami Angel Posted by Ed Sellers 08 Oct, 2020

    When you arrive in Somewhere City, you’re bound to notice a few things. There’s a drive-thru window open all hours of the night, and Dr. Pepper runneth over in all its water cups. A nearby amusement park is busiest on Sunday—that’s when visitors get most thrilled. There’s Danny Phantom playing from an infinite Nicktoons feed. It’s a place governed by caffeine, eter

    DUTCHAVELLI Posted by Craig D'Souza 01 Oct, 2020

    Make no mistake – Dutchavelli is doing it for greatness. The east London rapper set a goal four years ago – to be the best. A rapper’s rapper with true global appeal, a handsome side road hustler gone national, a man with a firm presence and a clear vision – Dutch has it all. And – in “Only If You Knew” and “Surely” – he already has two of the year’s bigg

  • Blu DeTiger

    Blu DeTiger is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, performer, bass virtuoso, and so much more.

    Born and raised in New York City, she’s been slaying on the bass guitar since she was 7 years old. Not even legally old enough to be allowed in clubs, Blu has been a staple in the New York club, fashion, and creative scenes since she started DJing at the age

  • We Want You To Dance
    We Want You To Dance Posted by Peter Elliott 12 Aug, 2020

    ‘Do You?’ Is the debut release from ‘We Want You To Dance’ - Friday Night never ends, tales of Bethany… Bethany (21) is the brainchild behind the project, hailing from Hertfordshire. She has been making music in her bedroom for this project over the last 2 years and has 15 songs ready to go.

    Drawing from influences : Basement Jaxx, Eurhythmics, Everything But The G

  • Runnner

    Runnner is the project of songwriter and producer Noah Weinman. Sometimes working alone, other times acting as a musical collective with a close group of friends, Runnner fuses intimate, folk songwriting with experimental production to create what he jokingly refers to as "bandcamp songs for soundcloud kids."

  • Manu Grace
    Manu Grace Posted by Matt Pickering-Copley 29 Jul, 2020

    Manu Grace is a singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist from South Africa. Although hesitant to commit to a genre, her music can most accurately be described as Sensitive Pop - unguarded and groovy; appealing to both heart and feet alike.

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