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  • Mercer
    Mercer Posted by Paul McQueen 16 May, 2018
  • Grand Pax
    Grand Pax Posted by Martin Mackay 15 May, 2018
  • Reece Parkinson
    Reece Parkinson Posted by Craig D'Souza 15 May, 2018

    Reece Parkinson is a 23-year-old DJ, Radio & online presenter currently presenting for BBC Radio 1Xtra on his talk show called '1Xtra Talks' every Sunday from 9pm. After building a big buzz around his own self-produced 'BKChat Xtra' series on YouTube, Reece then got the series picked up by the main Vice backed BKChatLDN channel which then took the show to garner hundreds of thousa

  • Mollie Collins

    Classically trained: Everything about Mollie Collins' approach, attitude, technique and rise smacks of the original spirit drum & bass was founded on.

    She is rooted in club culture, from day one. No stat-obsessed check-my-Soundcloud-bruh online hyperbole: Mollie's passion for drum & bass is 100% IRL and grounded in the church that brought our original founding junglist fathers

  • Brand New Friend

    It isn't as often as you'd like that a band and their sound are seemingly one. Youthful, flying in the face of luck and chance, bright-eyed and winging it, just like their blazing guitars; in tune with their feelings and growing up with the subtlety of keys winding through unexpectedly revealing lyrics; and facing up to life by avoiding the ordinary through a rhythm section navi

  • Makola
    Makola Posted by Serena Parsons 10 May, 2018

    East-London duo Makola return fresh from the release of feel-good afro-funk tune 'This is London', with their incendiary new single 'Black Man Statues', set to drop 25th November 2016.

    Makola have created a diverse sound that powerfully forges influences from grime, afro and hip-hop, whilst also lyrically touching on the ever present politics that mould a city. Having debuted as

  • Kraus
    Kraus Posted by Nick Holroyd 09 May, 2018

    Kraus is the solo project of American experimental musician Will Kraus.

    He self-released his debut record 'End Tomorrow' in early 2016. Shortly after, it caught the attention of Terrible Records, who re-released it the following September. His rough yet sentimental music typically combines heavily manipulated melodic samples with live instrumentation and vocals. He has just rel

  • Pale Grey

    "Dream pop lead by an evocative vocal performance" - The Line Of Best Fit

    Some acts are impossible to categorise. Pale Grey are one of those bands. Previous single 'Billy' was a dream-pop love in, floaty and serenading. The band now return to announce their album 'Waves' The album is the fruition of a year's work, holed up in the studio, the result is a wide-ranging affair mixing f

  • BRYN
    BRYN Posted by Craig D'Souza 08 May, 2018

    Enter BRYN, an eighteen-year-old newcomer born and raised Croydon able to go hard in on 16 bars before switching to powerful R&B vocals.

    A commanding force, BRYN presents an exciting triple threat singer, rapper and songwriter.

    In 2017 BRYN started uploading her fiery vocal mashups on her brynbp Instagram page, which quickly grew from 4,000 to 93,000 followers in under a y

  • The Armed
    The Armed Posted by Matt Pickering-Copley 04 May, 2018

    The Armed are a punk rock band from Detroit, MI.

  • Swarmz
    Swarmz Posted by Craig D'Souza 03 May, 2018
  • EO
    EO Posted by Craig D'Souza 02 May, 2018

    The feat of gaining 1.5 million views in the week of releasing your first single is quite possibly an artist's dream and in most instances unattainable. However, this achievement from 16-year-old rapper/YouTuber EO with his debut single 'German', fits perfectly with his story thus far.
    The song is urgently the sound of now in a classic way; with a catchy hook and the innocent aspi

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