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  • Neneh Cherry
    Neneh Cherry Posted by Andy Duggan 20 Apr, 2018
    ALYUSHA Posted by Andy Duggan 17 Apr, 2018

    ALYUSHA (pronounced "Ali-usher") is the progressive vocalist, writer and producer who today shares the first song 'Cracks' from her upcoming 'Little God' EP.

    Born to Japanese & Romanian/Irish parents, ALYUSHA has a rich musical heritage, which as a producer she combines with her influence of industrial, city sonic landscapes. This combination of influences creates a futuristic and so

  • Self Esteem
    Self Esteem Posted by Andy Duggan 16 Apr, 2018

    Self-Esteem is the brand new project from Rebecca Taylor.

    10 wonderful years in a successful indie band, and Rebecca finds herself musically re-incarnated. Self Esteem is the next chapter of her enthralling story. Drawing influence from everything and anything - pop culture, the dark and light within her own life, her experience's on the road in a band that she loved but was n

  • Lydia
    Lydia Posted by Ed Sellers 16 Apr, 2018

    Lydia frontman and founder Leighton Antelman doesn't take his band for granted... anymore.

    When the Arizona-based indie-rock project initially formed in 2003, a high school-aged Antelman was mostly just messing around and having fun writing songs with his friends. "I was winging it," he describes.

    When high school ended, Antelman enrolled at Arizona State but, only a year in,

  • Yeasayer
    Yeasayer Posted by Ben Winchester 14 Apr, 2018
  • Loski
    Loski Posted by Craig D'Souza 14 Apr, 2018

    Every area has a top boy - an influence that the local kids look toward as an inspiration, a source of power, a king. In the south London district of Kennington, that star is an eighteen-year-old MC called Loski. An affiliate of the young and celebrated Harlem Spartans crew, he's striking out this year with the long-awaited and highly anticipated debut solo mixtape 'Call Me Loos

  • Jockstrap
    Jockstrap Posted by Martin Mackay 11 Apr, 2018

    Imagine luscious Hollywood strings and soft vocals set to Latin-tinged and elegantly composed songs on a bed of sharp bright synths, metallic beats and jarring electronic noise. PC music meets Paul Simon and Nouvelle Vague. Jockstrap are the alternative pop duo based in London who offer this eclectic style of contemporary music. Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye met at the Guildh

  • JD. Reid
    JD. Reid Posted by Nick Reddick 09 Apr, 2018

    JD. Reid is a producer redefining expectations, blending together a lucid mix of styles and genres to create his own, mercurial subdivisions of sound - and his impact is being felt right from the top of the UK charts to the underground clubs, parties and scenes that helped launch him.

    Born in North West London, his musical beginnings began via his love of Grime at secondary s

  • Lauren Auder
    Lauren Auder Posted by Andy Duggan 05 Apr, 2018

    Lauren Auder is a 19-year-old singer / songwriter born in the United Kingdom and raised in the south west of France. Lauren honed his craft in his teenage years producing and lending his baritone drawl in the underground french rap and experimental electronic scenes. Over the last two years Lauren has been developing his own sound in bedroom studios across provincial France and

  • 4B
    4B Posted by Paul McQueen 05 Apr, 2018

    At 24 years old, DJ and producer Bobby McKeon know as '4B'; has already spent 10 years relentlessly pursuing his sound and vision. During this period, he's garnered significant support from industry heavyweights such as Skrillex, Diplo, Tiesto, & DJ Snake.

    4B's trademark single, 'Pop Dat' became a quintessential booty-dropping anthem upon its release in 2015 and quickly evolved int

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