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Hello Mary


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Brooklyn’s Hello Mary is Mikaela Oppenheimer, Helena Straight and Stella Wave. They met while in high school and the three are an inseparable unit - as good of friends as they are bandmates. The trio write music and lyrics in tandem, knotting their perspectives together into a singular consciousness. In 2020 they released their debut EP, Ginger, followed by 4 singles which unlike the EP were recorded in a proper studio and are considered the first true introduction to Hello Mary. This year the band will release their eponymous debut LP which Wave says, “is about accepting the state of things as they are at a given moment, whether it’s your relationship to another person or the world around you.” Produced by Bryce Goggin, it references alt-rock of the nineties but also features unusual time signatures, careening feedback, and unconventional harmonies. The LP was written during a period of immense uncertainty and there’s a darkness to it that isn’t apparent on first listen. Hello Mary abolishes the individual in favour of collective catharsis and decades on will articulate the most elusive feeling: “How it felt to be us.”

Hello Mary
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