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Mollie Collins


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Classically trained: Everything about Mollie Collins' approach, attitude, technique and rise smacks of the original spirit drum & bass was founded on.

She is rooted in club culture, from day one. No stat-obsessed check-my-Soundcloud-bruh online hyperbole: Mollie's passion for drum & bass is 100% IRL and grounded in the church that brought our original founding junglist fathers together. It's been this way since Mollie was 15, devoutly attended BPM under-18 events and squat raves until she was old enough to completely immerse herself in the culture. At 18 she exchanged her standard 9-5 to work every aspect she could in nightclubs: from street team trooper to party promoter, VJ to DJ... Mollie has studied and contributed to the unique culture inside out.

"I love clubs. I love exploring new ones; feeling the different vibes, playing on different soundsystems. I know it sounds a bit nerdy but when I started DJing I started a list of every club I've ever played. I still add to it now..."

Two years deep into the 20-year-old's career, that list now boasts some of the most critical contributors to bass culture across Europe: Fabric, Printworks, Warning, Invaderz, Breakin Science, Eskimo Dance, One Nation, RUN, DNB Street, Innovation and festivals such as Color, X Music, One Dance, CT, Jeudgfresten and many more.

Like all classically trained DJs, regardless of her demanding international DJ schedule, she still holds down a weekly residency at the Tap N Tin, Chatham where she plays every Monday road-testing mixes and dubplates and fine-tuning her signature style. Switching, chopping, cutting and blending between her key cornerstones; Mollie's sets guarantee firm favourites presented in fresh contexts. From beautiful liquid vocals over brutal jump-up basslines, Mollie shatters subgenre illusions with selections that represent the widest scene ideals.

"I can't just have two tunes running along together and leave them in the mix. I have to be doing something, I want to play around and keep things interesting and keep that energy going. I'm still learning all the time, looking at effects and what I can do creatively... There are so many ways to be a creative DJ. I'll never stop developing my style."

Foundation and technique locked-in, Mollie is also developing a reputation as a DJ's producer. Being an encyclopaedic fan and ambitious DJ has led to an innate understanding of drum & bass's intrinsic relationship with the dancefloor... Something that will become increasingly evident as more of her music surfaces throughout 2017 and beyond. Working with friend and fellow label mate Rushmore on Mampi Swift's Charge Recordings, their productions will be primed for the same energetic, unique dancefloor experiences as Mollie's DJ sets.

"Expect the unexpected from me as a producer! It might be melodic, jump-up, darker or techier... The only the important thing is that it works on the dancefloor. It's a dream come true to work in the studio and still humbling to consider myself a producer... I'm a DJ first and foremost."

Classically-trained but 100 percent future focussed, this is the very start of Mollie's mission...

Mollie Collins

Mollie Collins

  • 26 Jun, 2019

    Glastonbury Festival: Friday 28th June, 2019

    Stormzy will headline at Pyramid Stage on Friday night at Glastonbury Festival, and the day features a packed line-up of Primary Talent International artists.

    14.00-14.40: Yellow Days (William's Green)
    14.00-15.00: The Wombats (Other Stage)
    15.00-16.30: Connie Constance (Left Field)
    16.00-16.40: Sundara Karma (Williams Green)
    16.30-17.00: Dylan Cartlidge (The Rabbit Hole)
    16.50-17.55: Kuenta (Glade)
    19.00-19.40: Sunflower Bean (William's Green)
    19.00-19.45: Gaffa Tape Sandy (The Unfairground)
    19.20-20.20: Swimming Girls (Avalon Cafe Stage)
    20.00-21.00: Dub Pistols (Glade)
    20.15-21.15: Two Door Cinema Club (Other Stage)
    21.00-22.00: Pale Waves (John Peel Stage)
    22.15-23.45: Stormzy (Pyramid Stage)
    23.00-00.00: Mollie Collins (The Temple)
    00.00-00.45: Jamz Supernova (Shangri-La)
    01.00-02.00: Snow B2B Jamz Supernova (The Gas Tower)
    01.15-02.45: Pinty (Stonebridge)
    03.30-04.30: Kasra B2B Randall (The Temple)

    glasto 2019
  • 10 May, 2019

    The Great Escape: Friday 10th May

    Day two of The Great Escape festival in Brighton features a whole host of Primary Talent International artists.

    Friday 10th May:
    ...Greentea Peng
    ...I See Rivers
    ...The Intergalactic Republic of Kongo
    ...Keyah / Blu
    ...Just Mustard
    ...Chappaqua Wrestling
    ...Rachel Chinourri
    ...Murkage Dave
    ...Gia Margaret
    ...Self Esteem
    ...Everyone You Know
    ...Sports Team
    ...Mollie Collins
    ...High Contrast (DJ Set)

    The Great Escape 2019
  • 20 Jul, 2018

    Mollie Collins: On KISS FM

    Mollie Collins presents the new d'n'b show on KISS FM.

    mollie kiss