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Born in Durban, South Africa, and now based in London, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Bella Latham adopted the moniker Baby Queen to write about the whirlwind life of Instagram influencers and fashion parties she found herself immersed in when she moved to London as a teenager.

Baby‎ Queen makes grunge-pop for a disaffected Gen Z, tackling issues like internet addiction and mental health head-on with incisive satire.

Her hazy alt-pop is about "navigating your way through this world, whilst being so unhappy and equally disillusioned with the cyber landscape that we are forced to live inside, and the different ways people might numb themselves, or try to find a place where they can exist in amongst all of this fucking chaos.’’

Debut single 'Internet Religion' fuses her pop roots – she was raised in the school of Taylor Swift and The 1975 – with psychedelic synths, guitars, and a biting dissection of "the way that social media affects our opinion of ourselves."

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