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Lucia & The Best Boys


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As a figurehead in Glasgow’s burgeoning music scene, powerhouse front woman Lucia Fairfull pens empowering lyrics sharing her personal experiences of love and growing up as a young womxn in Scotland.

Her group form a truly modern collective who work meticulously from their base in the centre of Glasgow. Renowned for visceral live performances and a mission statement to amplify and inspire young womxn, the group are galvanising a new generation into picking up a guitar and expressing themselves.

Taking cues from her heroes Stevie Nicks, Caroline Polacheck and PJ Harvey, Lucia relishes in her ability to break your heart and shake your eardrums within the same beat. Binding the harsh and the abrasive with the delicate and the soft so seamlessly are Fairfull’s soaring vocals - equal parts cathartic and intoxicating, and which have never felt more essential than in these uncertain times.

Lucia & The Best Boys