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Palm plays rock music backwards. Their songs bear a certain methodology, though there is a tendency towards impulse which seems almost violently opposed to it. The band deals willfully in contradictions like this. The elements of any given song fit together like slightly melted puzzle pieces, serving up rigidity and looseness in equal measure. Palm songs imply architecture, but their compositional structures are somehow bound by different rules of physics than the ones we know. Lattices of guitar language (provided by Eve Alpert and Kasra Kurt) intersect the rhythmic organism characterized by the twitchy throb of Gerasimos Livitsanos' bass and the careless tumble of Hugo Stanley's drums, with a layer of disembodied vocals draped atop the whole thing. Emotional yet clinical, wild yet contained, the sounds they offer are equally bizarre as they are pleasantly pretty.

Palm formed around 2011, shortly after its members met in college in Upstate New York. The years they spent writing and playing when not in school culminated into the release of 'Trading Basics' in 2015, around which time they relocated to Philadelphia. Since then they've been playing shows throughout the country while they continue to hammer out their sound to be as refined as it is outlandish. More to come.



  • 14 Sep, 2018

    Pitchfork Avant-Garde 2018

    The Pitchfork Avant-Garde festival takes place over 2 days at 7 venues in Paris, with 46 groups, including from the Primary Talent roster.

    Tuesday 30th October
    ..Grand Pax
    ..Hop Along
    ..Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

    Wednesday 31st October
    ..Kelsey Lu

    avant garde
  • 06 Sep, 2018

    Primavera Club 2018

    The Primavera Club will take place in Madrid & Barcelona from 26th - 28th October, and features the following Primary Talent artists.

    ...Ama Lou
    ...Kadhja Bonet
    ...Hop Along

    primavera club
  • 28 Mar, 2018

    Palm: Live In Session For Audiotree

    Palm performed 'Dog Milk' live in session for Audiotree, in Chicago.
    See them on tour in the UK & Europe during May & June.

  • 13 Mar, 2018

    SXSW 2018

    The SXSW music takes place around Austin, Texas from 12th-18th March and many Primary Talent International artists will be taking part. See the official SXSW website, for full scheduling details.

    ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    ...Pale Waves
    ...Sunflower Bean
    ...Bad Gyal
    ...Nilufer Yanya
    ...Now, Now
    ...Nothing, Nowhere
    ...Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
    ...Hop Along
    ...Son Little
    ...Cut Chemist
    ...Injury Reserve
    ...Kweku Collins

  • 13 Mar, 2018

    Palm: At SXSW 2018

    Palm will play at SXSW in Austin, TX during the next week.

  • 01 Feb, 2018

    Palm: New Album Premiered On NPR

    Palm's new album 'Rock Island' is premiered exclusively on NPR Music First Listen.
    Click the link below to listen.

  • 24 Jan, 2018

    Palm: European Tour

    Palm will tour the UK & Europe during May & June 2018.
    See their artist page for details.

    palm tour
  • 30 Nov, 2017

    Palm: Premiere Their New Single 'Dog Milk'

    Palm premiere their new single 'Dog Milk' on NPR, taken from their forthcoming album 'Rock Island', released on 9th February on Carpark Records.

  • 02 Nov, 2017

    Palm: New Video For 'Pearly'

    Palm are featured in The Fader, where they premiere the new video for 'Pearly' taken from their album 'Rock Island'.

  • 18 Sep, 2017

    Palm: European Tour September 2017

    Palm will tour Europe throughout September 2017, see their artist page for details.

    palm tour