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Planet Giza


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Planet Giza is a Montreal-based trio that harmonizes the talents of Rami B, Tony Stone and DoomX. The crew is able to reflect their multi-cultural backgrounds through a repertoire of diverse sound. They attribute this versatility to the diverse community of Montreal, as well as their widely varying musical influences. Since releasing their latest project "Added Sugar" in 2019, they have been on a consistent rise and got the opportunity to perform at Montreal’s International Jazz Festival. That same year, their production was featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in a performance by GoldLink.

In 2021, they released an EP "Don't Throw Rocks At The Moon" with the lead single "When the Moving Stops" making waves. This led to Planet Giza having their first headline show in London. In 2022, they followed up with another EP entitled "You Don’t Understand". In 2023, they released their second album "Ready When You Are". The project features Kojey Radical, Mick Jenkins, Saba, Topaz Jones and more.

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