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Moving the needle in electronic music one ground breaking release at a time, there’s no artist quite like Space Laces. Planting his feet into the bass music scene over 10 years ago, Space Laces became your favourite producer’s favourite producer by pioneering new limits in sound design and mastering the art of inventing his own unique style. Instantly recognizable through his signature beat tags and unrivaled production techniques, Space Laces reps a release catalogue filled with both modern dubstep classics and sounds of the future. Day-one fans still bask in the glory of singles like 2014’s “Digital Gangsta” and 2016’s “Throwin’ Elbows” with Excision — his releases from years past continue to stand the test of time.

As one of the most in-demand dubstep acts of the 2010s, Space Laces rocked the scene with the release of his debut Overdrive EP on Never Say Die Records in 2018. Reaching the number one spot of the iTunes Electronic charts, Overdrive EP single-handedly set a precedent for the new industry standard in bass music. Always delivering a fresh trick up his sleeve with each new release, Space Laces continued to innovate the boundaries of music production throughout 2019 with singles like “Phone Tap” and “D.A.W,” effortlessly blurring the lines between varying styles of bass music. When he’s not cooking up the next big anthem in his studio, Space Laces takes his craft to the stage for high-energy DJ sets with surprising twists and turns that keep his devoted fans at the edge of their seats.

Keeping up with his pattern of trendsetting projects, Space Laces solidified his leadership position in the scene with the release of Vaultage, an audio-visual mix series featuring a collection of unreleased original works spanning 2010 to present-day. Debuting in 2018, Space Laces has now unleashed the full Vaultage trilogy totalling 60 tracks across all three mixes. There are only a select few acts who manage to break the internet inside the online dubstep community with a new release: Space Laces accomplishes just that, every single time.

Space Laces
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