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In the realm of drum and bass, Gino emerges as a powerhouse, exuding an unbridled surge of high-octane energy that defines his musical persona. With an impressive 11-year journey as both a skilled DJ and a prolific producer, Gino's unwavering passion for drum and bass was kindled at an early age, setting the stage for his sonic exploits.

In 2022, Gino took a bold step, founding "Clam Records," a testament to his dedication and vision within the genre. The label serves as a creative outlet for his artistic ingenuity, fostering innovation within the musical landscape. Having forged a collaboration with Crucast in 2021, Gino's sonic trajectory reached new altitudes, marked by a continuous flow of explosive releases that push the boundaries.

Gino's tracks have found resonance across the expanse of drum and bass and electronic music, earning him widespread acclaim. The unwavering support spanning these diverse realms stands as a testament to the incendiary fervor he channels into his craft. As the journey unfolds, it's evident that Gino has only scratched the surface, with boundless sonic horizons awaiting his electrifying touch.

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