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      Hamzaa is a woman who is no longer afraid of herself. She has overcome her greatest fears and come out the other side as an artist with a story to the share.

      The 19-year-old isn't one to wear a mask, and she certainly isn't one to sugarcoat what she has to say. Her debut collection of work, 'First Signs Of Me', tells the story of her first great heartbreak; the good, the bad and the ugly, in a way that's painstakingly raw and honest.

      Written partly during the hardest part of her life to date and partly upon reflection, the EP journeys through her innermost emotions and releases her demons along the way.

      In 'Red' she pens a message to those who took her help but never offered it when she needed it. "Complications turn to hate, and suicidal thoughts rain in." Hamzaa sings almost casually as a lullaby.
      Each word is striking in her baring soulful voice and they are cradled by tender keys. The sensation is replicated in the listening, as Hamzaa's music speaks on behalf of those who may have once lost their voice, and guides them to a place of security. "You're going to come into a place where you're going to fall in love and you're going to feel heartbreak but you're actually going to be fine." She says, reflecting on her past, "That's how life works."

      Be it in good times or bad times, music is her biggest relief. It's her solitude. It's all she needs. Finding happiness in pouring herself into new songs, Hamzaa's music encourages communities to face real problems together. An advocate for having people talk about what is going in the world and their world, she wants to make communication more intimate and roll out conservation about personal needs and feelings.

      Stripping back her own, she's become more comfortable with herself.
      She's unshakable, and there's very little left to scare her. Standing proud in a place where she's sure of herself, both personally and with her position as an artist, Hamzaa is uncompromising on who she is and what she wants.

      'Breathing' is delicately uplifting, featuring a heavenly gospel chorus and a soothing tone that lifts the weight from your shoulders.
      It's a relieving song about being limitless; no more crying or losing sleep over things that cannot be changed. Each one of Hamzaa's songs reflects different sides of her personality. From the soft RnB beats of 'Stranded Love' to the modern soul and groove of 'Nothing Can Be Done'. They follow the line of life, leaving you feeling at ease with the way of the world.

      A lot of her attitude comes from being a Londoner, and Hamzaa is glad to be from the city. Referencing the character traits like a checklist: not accepting of any bullshit, sure of self, and open to new experiences, these ideologies flow into the sweet sounds. In turn, this means embracing bittersweet memories with a new perspective. The sugared acoustics of 'You' are nostalgic and light; "they say our love's forbidden but you're fruit to me," she lushes, showing a playful side of youthful hope for the world.

      Hamzaa is turning her truths into powerful songs that you can't help but sit up and take notice of. Neither one could exist without the other, as the sincere songstress spins a web that catches every emotion.
      This is the story of how one girl fell back in love with herself.