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Raised on the sounds of 90's UK rave music and heavily influenced by Hip Hop & R&B, Infuze paints a soundscape that quite literally sounds like the future. His Space Music represents a fascinating cross section of the best elements of rave culture, heavy-hitting beats, footwork, wonky rhythms, and beautiful soundtrack-influenced melodic content.

From his humble beginnings in the bass music world in 2012, Infuze always strove to position himself in an interesting place in electronic music where hook-laden song intersects with underground, often highly experimental production. After taking a significant amount of time off the road in order to finish his debut album and re-formulate his sound, he returns to the scene with a highly mature approach to Electronic Music and full-on live analog synthesizer show to go with it.
2019/2020 will see Infuze releasing his debut album and taking this new show on the road across the United Sates, Europe, and beyond.

As a dj, he is a consummate selector. Never satisfied to simply play the crowd pleasers, Infuze spends countless hours crate-digging to find music that you never knew existed. Anyone who has heard an Infuze set knows that it's truly something special.

Known in producer circles as a hardcore analog gear head and with over a decade of experience as a professional recording engineer, Infuze brings to the table a depth of knowledge in all-things-studio to in a climate dominated by laptop producers. 2019 will see him highlighting this aspect of his career via collaborations with gear manufacturers, custom sample packs, live synth performance videos, and studio interviews/tutorials.