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Kirou Kirou


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Introducing Kiroubel Beaujour, better known as Kirou Kirou, an international DJ who’s superpower lies in his ability to blend an array of sounds. Whether it’s electronic or soulful, of African heritage or coming fresh out of the UK, you can expect to hear it seamlessly in a Kirou Kirou set. He’s also the founder of Parisian collective and record label 99Ginger, who are easily one of the most exciting musical groups in Europe, let alone Paris.

Inspired by the sounds he hears whilst on the go, Kirou Kirou has played all-over the world: Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, Montreal, LA and Toronto to name a few.

“I felt like there was something missing in Paris. There was a lot of separation between the electronic/house crowd and the hip-hop/rap crowd, with nothing in the middle. I was like, let me just start my own thing.”

Kirou Kirou
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