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Law Holt


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Law Holt - Passion Project

This is a Passion project. Work all day and record all night. By now, Tim and I have written a lot of songs together, the best of which are soon to come. We have a good relationship. He leaves me with the beat on loop and the mic on, I call him in when I've got something to record and if it's decent he'll throw a Toffee Crisp into the sound booth.

We wrote a love album and called it 'Gone,' then we wrote another one, called 'City,' written and recorded in 4 days. 'City' is going to come first. It needed doing, listen to it loud on headphones and walk your bus route. Guilty pleasures don't exist anymore, as a teenager you're concerned about what you should like, now I'm listening to alternative music and jazz, but I'm also listening to 90s R&B, I hope this has seeped in.

There was some fuss when we put 'Hustle' out, and it was good to get an insight into what the music industry is really like. It's what you already know. But somehow when you're being approached by guys in Hawaiian shirts who want to be your "friend" you try and convince yourself that it's different. They wanted me to change production and that couldn't happen, I have never disliked anything Tim or G have played me.
There is a long path to these things, any singer or musician will tell you, the support network you build around you as you push on; often it's a partner, who listens to everything before anyone else and has luckily remembered to put the backing tracks on the iPod when your laptop dies at the show. So this label could have given me these other beats, and I could have written to them, but what about this man; this man, who's carried the autoharp down Oxford St. looking to replace a single string, who's come to every gig since I was 19, who's nursed a half pint for two hours (because we can't really afford to be drinking in this jumped-up wine bar) waiting for me to get my open mic slot, who's argued with promoters trying to get the band paid, what's he gonna say when I play him this stuff? He's just gonna be like, "well it's shit isn't it?"

And that's it. What I do may not be for everybody, but I'm proud of the music we've made. When I was young I'd turn up the headphones and mime all the lyrics and pretend to perform in my bedroom, now I do this with my own songs.

So with this new stuff coming out we're pushing the passion out there, old music has been dusted down and put away for safe keeping, video channels and sound cloud have been wiped clean. 2016 is the time for this. I had a girl message me asking where the 'Hustle' video had gone, I said we'd taken it down to make way for new material, she said she was looking forward to it, and loved listening to all the stuff we had made. And I was sat in the changing room at work in my apron and I suddenly had perspective.

So I hope the passion project can be for people, for people to be beautiful and dress up on the overdraft, because trying at your dreams, and making sacrifices for them, that's what we're best at.

Law Holt

Law Holt