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Model Man


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Model Man are brothers Mark and Rob Brandon making waves with some of dance music's biggest players. Fusing ambient electronics with elements of bass culture, their creative stance pits the physical against the cerebral, often with striking results.

Their 'City Songs' EP based each track around and inside a cosmopolitan expanse, accompanied by visual content uniquely created by the brothers in different locations around the globe.

BBC Radio 1, Defected, Majestic Casual, Alan Fitzpatrick, Clash Mag, The Fader and so many more showed love and exposure, pushing the releases to a worldwide audience.

Every song is built around the piano and the live show launching in 2019 will see projections at the centre of a unique live dance act.

With remixes and more Klavier ambient releases on the agenda, Model Man are more than just a dance act, they're a band making primal, organic, ethereal dance music uniquely tuned to each city.

Model Man

Model Man