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Moore Kismet


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While most 15 year olds are content parsing high school algebra and kicking back, Moore Kismet (real name Omar Davis) spent their 15th year racking up titles like the singular dance music artist in the 2020 edition of Billboard’s 21 under 21. The non-binary producer’s sound—laden with daring experimentation and fluttering, glitched out bass—is as fluid, colorful, and amorphous as Kismet themself. A humble champion of the LGBTQ+ creative community, Kismet boldly approaches the yawning abyss that is the straight-white-male-saturated dance music space and continuously shatters convention. Their improbably versatile catalog lends itself equally to a laid back evening indoors or pumped-up prowl through the festival circuit.

Signed to globally revered talent agency, Prodigy Artists, the “You Should Run” producer kept their creative mojo molten-hot through 2020—pandemic be damned. They appeared under hotly sought-after remote festival fronts like Digital Mirage (via Proximity and Brownies & Lemonade), while boasting releases with Insomniac’s subsidiary label Bassrush and a full-fledged EP on Never Say Die. Indeed, 2021 is shaping up to prove no proverbial, run-of-the-mill Sweet 16 for the talented young troubadour. Kismet is queued up to appear at a multitude of world-renowned festival fronts next year, in addition pulling back the curtain on a brand new album, just in time for pride month this coming June.

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