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Rizzle Kicks


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Technically, Rizzle Kicks was founded in about 1996, when both members, in their miniature form, used to play together round Rizzle's auntie's house. It wasn't until eight years later that the pair reunited after both moving to Brighton and facing each other head-on in a Sunday league football match. Four years later, they ended up going to the same college and one day Rizzle got Sylvester to 'Lalala' all over a track. They soon realised how nicely their styles fitted together. Rizzle was just finishing off his own mixtape, rapping over samples of some of their favourite artists (Gorillaz, Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys etc) when they officially became Rizzle Kicks.

As a newly formed duo, they started to hustle for beats from local producers and started making their own music videos with a friend of theirs.

Having finally been able to get into a proper studio with some talented producers after being signed to Island records, Rizzle Kicks are now working on their album, a mixture of pop and hip hop incorporating the fun elements of the old school hip-hop era circa 1988-92.

Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks

  • 04 Oct, 2016

    Rizzle Kicks: November / December Tour Cancelled

    Hey guys. I know it's shit but Harley and I are cancelling the Rizzle kicks Nov/Dec tour. We're going to record a video to reaffirm why and emphasise our frustration but ultimately these are the reasons.
    * We haven't released our album yet.
    * We lost a few months of promo whilst Harley began to really struggle with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder)
    * The music game's changing big time and similarly we lost ground when stepping off the beaten track. (Even though no one really knows what that track is)

    On a more positive note.

    * We actually have made some really good music that we will be continuously drip feeding over the coming months and definitely giving you for free at points because it's ridiculous how long this has all dragged out.
    * Harley is receiving help for his anxiety, and I'm documenting the process myself to raise awareness and hopefully help out others in a similar situation.
    * When we rebook the tour it'll be off the back of a solid piece of work that we've already made instead of working towards.

    We're seriously not happy that we're letting so many people down but we will only use November and December to ensure that 2017 flys as smoothly as possible - and that we're completely happy and that we feel balanced and that we're not coaxed into making anymore rash decisions.

    You can help us take the reigns back by supporting the music that we love to make when we release it.

    You're all fucking great.
    Sometimes things aren't great.
    We're just going to try and ensure the music is.
    You'd be right to feel as though I'm pissed off on another level too. If you bump into me on the train I'll give you the complete low down.

    Peace x

    Jordan / Rizzle Kicks

    Full ticket refunds will be available from the point of purchase.

  • 22 Jun, 2016

    Rizzle Kicks: New Video & UK Tour

    Rizzle Kicks have released a video for the new single 'Always Late', which is available now.
    They will tour the UK throughout November & December, see their artist page for details.

  • 17 Aug, 2014

    Rizzle Kicks: 'Tell Her' BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

    Rizzle Kicks performed a live acoustic version of their current single 'Tell Her' for Fearne Cotton on the BBC Radio One Live Lounge.

  • 03 Aug, 2014

    Rizzle Kicks: New Single And Interview

    Rizzle Kicks new single 'Tell Her' is released on 11th August, available to pre-order on iTunes now.
    They are interviewed in this weekend's Independent.

  • 30 Oct, 2013

    Rizzle Kicks: UK Tour February / March 2014

    "'Skip To The Good Bit's brassed up sampling of EMF's great 'Unbelievable' deserves to be the anthem of all our summers" - Q 4*

    "Great one liners tumble out, tunes swagger ... the whole thing is irresistible" - The Guardian 4*

    "A rip roaring set of smart catchy hip hop pop with a swaggeringly confident British flavour" - Daily Telegraph 4* Album of the week

    "The aptly titled Roaring 20s presents the year's liveliest and sharpest representation of young British pop-culture. A brilliant, sometimes laugh out loud survey of modern life and modern loves as faced by teens and twenty-somethings, couched in raps of wry intelligence and sly imagination" - The Independent 4*

    Platinum selling duo Rizzle Kicks whose new critically acclaimed album 'Roaring 20s' stormed into the chart at no.3 providing a much needed blast of their signature irresistible pop, have announced a massive tour of the UK, making an eagerly anticipated return to the live circuit in February / March 2014. Their brand new single 'Skip To The Good Bit' released on November 4th through Island Records. 'Skip..." samples 'Unbelievable', the massive UK and US number 1 hit from EMF, one of the biggest and most instantly recognisable hits from the last 20 years.

    Full dates on artist's page. Tickets on general sale from 1st November.

    Rizzle Kicks UK Tour
  • 11 Oct, 2013

    Rizzle Kicks: New Single 'Skip To The Good Bit'

    'Skip To The Good Bit' is the new single from Rizzle Kicks taken from their album 'Roaring 20's'.

  • 07 Sep, 2013

    Rizzle Kicks: BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

    Rizzle Kicks performed yesterday on BBC Radio 1's 'Live Lounge', for Fearne Cotton. As well as tracks from their new album 'The Roaring 20s', they covered Lana Del Rey's 'Summertime Sadness'.

    BBC Radio 1
  • 05 Sep, 2013

    Rizzle Kicks: Imaginarium at HMV Records

    Rizzle Kicks will be making a series of 'Pop-Up' in-store appearances and performances, at HMV record stores around the UK during September, to promote their new album 'The Roaring 20's'.
    See their artist page for dates.

    Rizzla Kicks Imaginarium
  • 05 Sep, 2013

    Rizzle Kicks: Strictly Come Dancing Trailer

    The trailer for BBC 1's new season of 'Strictly Come Dancing' features the Rizzle Kicks track 'Skip To The Good Bit'.

  • 05 Sep, 2013

    Rizzle Kicks: Tea & Cigarettes Pt.1

    Tea and cigarettes with Rizzle Kicks as they discuss their new album 'The Roaring 20's', released this week on Island Records.