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A love for SUB woofers and elec TRONICS is what brought us Subtronics . Growing up in Philadelphia, PA, Jesse Kardon aka Subtronics, had a passion for his drum set and Radiohead. While in high school he discovered the first wave of dubstep with Skream, Caspa, and Rusko. This in turn led to the likes of Excision, Skrillex, 12th Planet and more. Having never heard the style of music before, Jesse was inspired to jump into the world of production. Learning the basics via tutorial videos, he quickly began designing and defining what would become his signature sound.

Since his emergence on the scene, Subtronics has released with Never Say Die, NSD: Black Label, Disciple Round Table, SubCarbon, Deadbeats, Kannibalen and more. He has collaborations with GRiZ, Space Jesus, Ganja White Night, SQUNTO, Boogie T, and many others just to name a few.
Fusing his unique blend of cutting-edge sound design with hard-hitting dubstep & riddim, along with a dose of "spaced out wook trap vibe", Subtronics seeks to push the envelope and pin the needles in modern production.

On the live front, he has built a rabid following with his high energy sets showcasing his technical skills, full of chopping and double drops.
Relentlessly perfecting his craft, Subtronics has toured North America and performed internationally, as well as gracing festival stages such as Bass Canyon, Camp Bisco, Lost Lands, Big Dub, Bass Canyon, Elements, and more.

When not producing "angry robot noises," you can find Subtronics at home in Philadelphia spinning poi, doing dabs, and leading his devoted ever-growing band of followers in the 'Cyclops Army.'

Look out for Subtronics coming to wreak havoc in a city near you - it's the Year of the Cyclops!



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