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Born and raised in West London, Lubiana is the epitome of London’s cross-cultural fusion. Paying homage to both her modern influences and her musical heritage, her music often lands between genres, providing a fresh new perspective for the London music scene. Hard hitting, danceable beats paired with feisty, evocative lyrics make Lubiana’s music stand out from the saturation of today’s social media climate.

Having drawn great influence from the sounds of the 90’s & 2000’s, Lubiana’s soundscape ranges from silky R&B tones, to powerful pop belting and even fiery, rhythmic rap. You can hear how artists such as Rihanna, Nelly Furtado and Gwen Stefani have shaped Lubiana’s artistry in her distinctive and powerful delivery, creating an artist that skips timelessly between the sounds of the past and the genres of the present and future. Her love of performing started as a child and has only grown since the arrival of a dedicated fanbase.

Having soft-released some demos back in 2019 (gaining over 500,000 plays and plays from BBC Radio 1xtra), Lubiana is now ready to step out from the studio and share her creations with the world. Her empowering lyrics and inventive social media strategies have already amassed an impressive 30,000 followers and with her debut single arriving on the 29th January, she is set to take the scene by storm.

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