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Van der Graaf Generator


Booking Request

Van Der Graaf Generator are pleased to announce their reunion, a reunion concert and a brand new double-album release for the first quarter 2005, a full 35 years after the release of their first UK album. In May of next year, Van Der Graaf Generator will take the stage for their first gig as a complete band in the classic 4-piece line-up, since 1976, some 29 years ago. Peter Hammill, Guy Evans, David Jackson and Hugh Banton will once again tread the boards together, when they play The Royal Festival Hall on May 6th 2005. At the concert, fans both old and new, will see the re-united VDGG perform songs ancient and modern.

The idea originated at a solo Peter Hammill gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in 2003, when all four members of the band performed together for the show's encore to rapturous applause and a standing ovation. After-show conversation centred around a possible get-together. As Peter Hammill now relates:

"I was getting constant offers regarding a reunion, including one from the South Bank. Until then I had never taken them seriously; but now it seemed as though there might be some interest. We talked and we realised that we met more often at the funerals of former members of our road crew. So if it was to be undertaken, it should be while all four of us were still alive!" A meeting was arranged, and the four VDGG members met up in September 2003 at West London's Novotel - a chain the band have remained loyal to over the years. It was agreed that they should spend some time together, to see if the "spark" was still there. It was also agreed that if the reunion was to work, it had to centre around new material - given the long and varied experience of all four men, the possibilities were intriguing and exciting.

A week at a North Devon studio was booked in for February 2004, when the band would simply play together, write and see what happened. However, in December 2003, Peter Hammill, who was completing work on a solo album, had a sudden heart attack. It looked like plans would have to be shelved. But Peter was alright, recovered well and was soon given the all clear. With Peter thankfully okay, the band decided to go ahead and assemble as planned. And that week in North Devon proved fruitful. The spark was there, and most of the get-together was recorded. The VDGG reunion was now most definitely on. A double-album of the Devon recordings will be released in the first quarter of 2005. Details will follow.

Hugh Banton : Organ & Keyboards
Guy Evans : Drums
Peter Hammill : Vocals & Guitar
David Jackson : Saxophones & Flutes

Van der Graaf Generator

Van der Graaf Generator