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Credited by the BBC as 'King of Sound, Ruler of Beats', Beardyman is an award winning musician, a digital superstar, one of the world's best beatboxers, a multi-instrumentalist, a groundbreaking live looping pioneer and a musical comedic talent championed by the likes of Tim Minchin and Jack Black.

Beardyman's rise to success began with him winning the UK Beatbox Championships in 2006 and 2007 and his iconic one take wonder 'Kitchen Diaries'. In 2008 he became a judge as not enough beatboxers were prepared to compete with him. Creatively shackled by technology vs. his vast musical ideas, he developed the world's most advanced live music production system, known at the 'BEARDYTRON', allowing him to improvise studio quality, cutting edge dance music in real time. He unveiled the 'BEARDYTRON' at the annual global TED conference to a standing ovation.

He is a festival favourite, having toured the world consistently for over a decade from headlining main stages of boutique festivals through to main stage and big top performances ranging from Bestival to Coachella, Glastonbury to Fuji Rocks and everything between. YouTube consider him a legacy hero having been heavily involved since the channel began and being the only artist to feature on all of their global festivals to date and the only UK artist to be invited to perform on their YouTube Comedy Week alongside Seth Rogan, Sarah Silverman, Skrillex and his dear friend and collaborator, Reggie Watts.

His musical comedy has featured on TV throughout the world right through to Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and more and his show 'One Album per Hour', where he creates a brand new album live on stage based on the audience's made up song titles, has achieved 5 star reviews, sold out runs at the largest venues at Edinburgh Fringe and been featured on Conan O'Brian right through to the Sydney Opera House.

His collaboration with Fatboy Slim and Calvin Harris 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat' he improvised in one take over 14 mins to become a global phenomenon and he won 'Best Dance Music Video' in 2016 at the UK VMA's for his singleĀ 'Mountainside'.

Beardyman has collaborated with the Heritage Orchestra, developing a methodology with Jules Buckley for the entire orchestra to follow his wildly diverse improvisation through genres ranging from Disco to Drum and Bass. He has also collaborated with artists as varied as Chase and Status, Imogen Heap, Groove Armada, Tom Middleton, Jack Black, Tim Minchin, Fatboy Slim, Mike Judge, Jacob Collier and Herbie Hancock. They all describe him as a musical genius.

He developed an improvisational supergroup known as the Dreamteam (a.k.a Masters of Distraction) with an ensemble of some of the world's best improvisational artists ranging from Andy Gangadeen, Captain Beefheart guitarist and Jeff Buckley co-writer and collaborator Gary Lucas, Emre Ramazanoglou, Dizraeli, world female beatbox champion and bassist Bellatrix and DMC Champion JFB.

In 2019 Beardyman released '6am (Ready to Write)' featuring Joe Rogan on Sony/RCA and won the UK Music Video Award for 'Best Dance Music' video, beating The Chemical Brothers, Camelphat, Prospa and more and was shortlisted for 'Best Video of 2019'.

Beardyman just completed a UK tour to road test the new technology and raised the bar on what fans can expect for 2020.

With over 60 million views of his performance on YouTube alone, 180,000 Facebook followers, 45,000 Twitter followers and 12,000 on Instagram, 2020 is about further developing Beardyman's fanbase and focusing on consistent content creation, music releases and touring.

'Sheer Volume' is an ongoing project resulting in releasing a single each and every week throughout the year.

The project comprises of weekly cross-posted live streams from his studio. This hour long interactive jam creating audio and visual content to be edited and formatted to each social media platform.

This will result in a live video performance of a new song each week, culminating in a weekly digital single release on all major DSPs and online retail stores. A monthly podcast will be compiled from this content along with exclusive spoof adverts and skits.

At the end of each quarter, a seasonal album will be compiled from the tracks released, resulting in 52 singles and four albums being released throughout 2020.



  • 03 Feb, 2020

    Beardyman: Launches 'Sheer Volume'

    Legendary multi-vocalist, instrumentalist, live-looping pioneer and producer Beardyman is about embark on his most ambitious project yet. Following the release of his last single in Autumn 2019, '6am (Ready to Write)' featuring Joe Rogan with it s award-winning video by revered director Ian Pons Jewell, Beardyman will be drowning out the insane developments of 2020 with 'Sheer Volume'. Launching on Friday 7th February 2020, 'Sheer Volume' will see Beardyman release 52 singles over the course of a year with accompanying videos, a weekly cross- platform live-stream and a monthly podcast. Pre-orders for the first single will go live on Friday 31st January for the stirring Liquid Drum and Bass anthem that is 'Every End Is A Beginning'.

    Whilst the idea of writing, recording, producing and releasing a single along with a video every single week sounds insane and would give most artists and labels the fear, Beardyman's realisation is it plays to his personal strengths. In one of his first recording sessions with Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), was trying to get Beardyman to perfect a line for a hook for a song they were working on, but every time he tried to re-voice the line, Beardyman came up with a new and different idea. Norman stopped and explained to Beardyman that he'd realised Beardyman is, in his words, "a Jazzer", constantly thinking of new options and bored of an idea once it had been realised.
    In their next recording session together Norman played beat and Beardyman voiced the entire song in one take in one take. That one take became the global dance music phenomenon 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat'.

    Beardyman explains "My own creativity is best fuelled by constant deadlines rather than one big looming one. As Leonardo Da Vinci wrote, 'A piece of art is never finished, merely abandoned' and I find it difficult knowing when to stop and draw a line, especially in the absence of a deadline. The rabbit hole is not an option for me creatively and this level of publicly shared deadlines helps me find that sweet spot, before you start getting diminishing returns and hit mix version 86... or higher... I know this is the rate with 'Sheer Volume' where I can produce the best stuff and work together with my jazz brain".

    Beardyman toured the world with his 'One Album per Hour' show, from sold out shows at Edinburgh Fringe, to Montreal's Just For Laugh's, to Sydney's Royal Opera House. Each night he d make a brand new album within an hour based on the audience creating new album titles. Having completed that game, 'Sheer Volume' is another way for him to deal with his musical ADD, but all of the inspiration will be coming from within and whilst some may well be very funny, this is no joke.

    Beardyman's rise to success began with him winning the UK Beatbox Championships two years in a row in 2006 and 2007. Creatively shackled by technology and his vast musical ideas, he then went on to develop the world's most advance live music production system known as BEARDYTRON_5000, allowing him to improvise studio quality cutting edge dance music in real time. He unveiled the BEARDYTRON to a standing ovation at the annual global TED conference.

    Since then he has evolved the BEARDYTRON s capabilities further to allow him to realise his creative vision even better and faster. Beardyman explains that "As a creator, you're only listening to the music that s playing inside of you, but those ideas are only there for a moment. It s about capturing them and the tech I've developed helps me do that, almost instantly."

    Beardyman has toured the world consistently for over a decade headlining boutique festivals and performing on main stages and big tops ranging from Bestival to Coachella, Fuji Rocks to Glastonbury and everything in between. He was even asked to open the entire Glastonbury festival two years running which lead to him being credited by BBC Breakfast as the "King of Sound, Ruler of Beats".

    Beardyman has previously collaborated with artists as varied as Chase and Status, Imogen Heap, Groove Armada, Jack Black, Herbie Hancock, Jacob Collier, Reggie Watts and Tim Minchin.

    He has just announced a Spring 2020 live tour where he will be bringing his widely acclaimed talents to a range of venues. The tour will see the multi-vocalist and producer play 19 locations, throughout the UK and Europe.

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  • 14 Sep, 2019

    Beardyman: New Video '6am (Ready To Write)'

    Beardyman shares his new video for the track '6am (Ready To Write)' featuring Joe Rogan.

  • 06 Sep, 2019

    Beardyman: New video '6am (Ready To Write)'

    Beardyman premieres the full new video for '6am (Ready To Write)' featuring Joe Rogan.

  • 25 Aug, 2019

    Beardyman: New Video '6am (Ready To Write)'

    Beardyman shares the lyric video for his new track '6am (Ready To Write)' featuring Joe Rogan.

  • 16 Aug, 2019

    Two Door Cinema Club: New Video 'Once'

    Two Door Cinema Club share the new video for 'Once', taken from their 4th album 'False Alarm'.

  • 16 Jan, 2017

    Beardyman: Listeners Suggestions On BBC 6 Music

    Listen to Beardyman & The Dream Team performing "listeners suggestions" on Tom Robinson's show on BBC 6 Music, to create a live album.

    bbc 6
  • 22 Jan, 2016

    Beardyman: The Dream Team Sessions

    Beardyman and his mind-blowing supergroup of world class musicians and freestyle MCs will make a brand new album live, inspired by the audience's dreamt up song titles.

    Improvisation. Telepathy. Imagination. Beat Boxing. One Album. One Hour.

    Soundcrash are extremely happy to announce that the prodigiously talented Beardyman will be taking to the stage at Electric Brixton along with a 'dream team' consisting of some of the finest improvisatory talents the world has to offer. This team of extraordinary individuals will be using a mixture of telepathic communication and improvisatory prowess to create a brand new album right in front of the lucky audiences eyes.

    Beardyman has made a name for himself for being one of the most multitalented musicians on the face of the planet. One minute he's winning the UK Beatbox competition, twice, next he's winning best MC at Breakspoll, and then he's playing a sold-out run of solo comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. As if he didn't already have enough strings to his beat bow Beardyman outgrew the restrictions of the human mouth and stepped into the world of live looping using his signature Kaoss pads to take his music into the rapturous world of live production. His most recent live setup consists of the Beardytron 5000 a custom built rig that combines multiple ipads and devices loaded with FX and loopers.

    In this brand new show Beardyman will be combining his own improvisatory prowess with some of the leading talents in the UK's improvisatory scene. Expect to see him joining forces with some of Soundcrash's favourite artists.

    "The show is clever and meandering, it follows the recesses of Foreman's mind to places which are brilliant and unexpected." - Nouse

    "The vocal shaman emits and manipulates any conceivable sound with manic wit, that will have you rocking with laughter and shaking your tail feather" - Chortle

    "Funny, innovative, surprising and awe inspiring" - Clash

  • 30 Nov, 2015

    Beardyman: Shindig Weekender 2016

    Beardyman will feature at the 'Shindig Weekender' over the Bank Holiday 27th-29th May, 2016.

  • 09 Sep, 2015

    Beardyman: New Video 'Mountainside'

    Beardyman unveils a new video for the track 'Mountainside', taken from his album 'Distractions' on Tummy Touch.
    Premiered here on Dummy.

  • 30 May, 2015

    Beardyman: What Is The Beardytron?

    Beardyman unveils a new video entitled 'What Is The Beardytron'. He will also be appearing on the new John Bishop Show, on BBC One tonight (Saturday 30th May 9.45pm).