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Harley Sule


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The soulful tones of Harley Sule’s voice should be familiar to you – if not as the mystery man behind his critically acclaimed, crooning side project Jimi Charles Moody, then as half of much-loved London-based duo Rizzle Kicks.

Documenting life in the spotlight, as well as the time he’s taken to step back away from it all, Sule’s latest endeavour finds us here with debut single “Something Good”. The new track delivers a new and exciting look into Sule’s mind with his candid songwriting layered atop of soul, funk and jazz influences.

“I guess it’s my way of expressing my search for fulfilment after a wonderful, yet chaotic period during my late teens and early twenties” he explains. “It’s a strange point as half of me misses the erratic nature of being in the pop world, whereas the other half wants absolutely nothing to do with it. “Something Good” is my ode to that feeling.”

Stepping out on his own under his own name for the first time, Sule is ready to deliver solo material that is all about himself. No more masks, there’s nothing to hide behind except for the music itself, which speaks volumes.

Harley Sule