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Cape Town, South Africa's HONEYMOAN started in 2017 as a "just for fun" jam session with various members of local alternative / indie / psych rock bands. What was originally conceived of as a dream pop project, swiftly turned into something a little more interesting and slightly more ambitious. The group developed a highly accessible sound with a wide span of influences such as Drake, Alvvays, Red Hot Chili Peppers, St Vincent and Tame Impala.

HONEYMOAN's vision is to write modern, original alternative pop that is fun, fresh, and exciting; exploring common trials of youth / early adulthood, love, lust and pursuing one's creative passions at all cost, despite the realities of living under Capitalism.

Stylistically the music ranges from funky bass driven tracks to alt-pop anthems with nods to shoegaze, psych rock and RnB.

Following the initial release of '</3 / We' in May 2018 the band went through some lineup changes, most notably the addition of producer / bassist Josh Berry. The current lineup consists of singer, Alison Rachel, guitarist Skye MacInnes, bassist Josh Berry and drummer Kenan Tatt.

The highly anticipated EP, 'Body', will be released on the 28th of June 2019. Featuring singles 'Low Blow' and 'Sweating Gold', continuing the group's trend of releasing vastly different but captivating tracks that showcase vocalist Alison Rachel's penchant for strong pop hooks over the band's psychedelic styling's.



  • 18 Nov, 2019

    HONEYMOAN: Paper Dress Vintage

    HONEYMOAN's show at Paper Dress Vintage, London on 20th November is now SOLD OUT!.


  • 13 Aug, 2019

    HONEYMOAN: November Tour

    HONEYMOAN will tour the UK in November.


  • 28 May, 2019

    HONEYMOAN: Release Their Debut

    The debut of HONEYMOAN named '</3 / We' will be officially released on the 25th of May.

    "'</3' is the second song we ever wrote together as a full band, and naturally we opted for a very live sound in the recording to try and capture the same energy we found when rehearsing. Josh Berry of Cape Town dream pop band Twin Weaver engineered and mixed the release and his signature production style shines through very clearly. '</3' has a distinct shoegaze/fuzz/noise pop feel to it, with waves of distortion and static propelling a kind of funny/sad tale of a breakup via text. 'We' is a slower, groovier tune dismissing traditional ideas of committed romance via a funky, melodic bassline and 90s RnB hooks.
    This song has more of a 'studio' feel, where once again Josh Berry helped out tremendously with drum programming, vintage synth tones, psychedelic flourishes and about 100 takes for a 20 second guitar solo.
    The double sided single was recorded between August and October 2017 in Bishopscourt, Cape Town."