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Kelsey Lu


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Kelsey Lu is a classically trained Cellist from Charlotte, North Carolina. She now lives in Los Angeles and has collaborated with many of her peers across disciplines including Dev Hynes, Florence and the Machine, Oneotrixpointnever, and Grace Wales-Bonner.

"Kelsey Lu makes slow and spacious music, confronting you with lingering tones and vocal melodies that ascend and dive." - The New York Times

"The music lingers and haunts, rich with sadness and unease... It's magnificent enough to simply exist, knowing we'll calmly submerge ourselves in its reverberations." - Pitchfork

"Kelsey Lu defies classification. At a time when recording artists stick to the most marketable genre, the singer/songwriter and classically-trained cellist created a new one entirely... Her music is both thrilling and haunting, from the first piercing note of her cello to her angelic vocals, both instruments blending seamlessly to create one cohesive sound." - Teen Vogue

Kelsey Lu

Kelsey Lu