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Ed Rush and Audio, two names which have become synonymous with drum & bass. And after decades playing out in countries across the world, as well as a string of releases which litter the music collections of listeners everywhere, it's no surprise they've become such legendary figures. This year, they're about to bring their extensive experience together for a formidable new project, one which will sway the genre's tide and once more see them standing at the helm of its creative direction. The underground overlords are here to filter your entire world into darkness.

Even as a standalone artist, Audio is revered across all circles. From his hard-hitting productions, to his inked love for 174bpm, he's remained uncompromising throughout his career. With an ethos that's stretched through a continually impressive output, which has seen 5 albums, countless 12"s and over 15 years of production, he's solidified his position within the scene's core. Whether it was part of the renowned group Resonant Evil, a defining team within the Renegade Hardware discography, or on his own alongside the neuro pioneers Tech Freak Recordings, every major player within the game sought after his music. Following his introduction to Ed Rush at Virus Recordings, he became an intrinsic member of the imprint's roster, releasing the infamous 'Headroom', an influential track which knocked chart-tipping EDM star Avicii off the Beatport number one spot, dominating the chart for a total of thirteen weeks. It was after that point that he turned his sights to Ram Records. Becoming yet another seminal signing for the label, a harmonious partnership is about to evolve into an even bigger monster.

No one would argue that Ed Rush changed the face of drum & bass, breaking out of every paradigm which was set up before him. After being an influential part within London's burgeoning nightlife, he began to craft a sound which marked a new era in hardcore. Extracting darkside jungle classics from a realm which hadn't yet built its foundations, Ed Rush pushed its developing forefront. It wasn't long before his breakbeat bullets became staples in sets across the country, creating a name for himself and the music he was pedestalling. Releases on Grooverider's Prototype, as well as the ground breaking Metalheadz, all ensured he'd go down in history books as part of the elite. Moving into new territories, he soon teamed up with Optical, another inherent musical mastermind for the creation of 'Virus Recordings'. What followed was their immense debut LP 'Wormhole', mastering a new set of rules. The historical implications of that album has carried forward into today...
Alongside the titanic weight which Audio also brings to the table.

Together, Ed Rush and Audio present Killbox. The merging of two intimidating heavyweights, prepare for a union like no other. With Ram Records acting as their platform for debuting new music, this is about be a defining moment not just for its audience. But for the genre's fabric.



  • 09 Jun, 2018

    Killbox: Debut Album 'Pleasure Palace'

    Killbox's 'Pleasure Palace' out now on RAM Records.

    'Pleasure Palace', the debut album from Ed Rush and Audio's Killbox project is out today via RAM Records / BMG.


  • 25 May, 2018

    Killbox: Announce Debut Album 'Pleasure Palace'

    Killbox have announced the release of their debut album 'Pleasure Palace' on RAM Records on 8th June.


  • 12 Dec, 2017

    Killbox: Remix 'Sound In Motion'

    Killbox have remixed the seminal 'Sound in Motion' by Origin Unknown (aka Andy C and Ant Miles) as part of RAM Records 25th birthday celebrations.


  • 21 Sep, 2017

    Killbox: New Track 'Cousin of Zilch'

    Ed Rush & Audio aka Killbox release a new track 'Cousin of Zilch' on RAM Records. Premiered on The Music Essentials.


  • 28 Jun, 2017

    Killbox: New Release 'Witchmaker'

    The work rate of Ed Rush and Audio's collaborative project is intimidating even for the most technically advanced producer. Their debut self-titled EP was released at the start of 2017 and they've followed this definitive release with 'Clickbait', a track which cemented their position as dancefloor annihilators and studio geniuses.
    Now comes the duo's third output, arguably one of their most fierce to date, proving why fans were right to be excited after the announcement of Killbox on renowned imprint Ram Records. Although what else can you expect from a pair who have decades worth of experience between them and who remain figureheads of the drum & bass world's murkier waters.

    'Witchmaker' further solidifies Killbox's reputation as a crushing heavyweight force. A carefully manufactured introduction into chaos, 'Witchmaker' ramps up at a dizzying speed, firing quickly processing beat patterns and nastily peddled drums from every direction. It once again demonstrates how uncompromising the duo are. Killbox aren't afraid to submerge you in their no-holds-barred approach, continuing their ascent pathed with every one of their nastily slick productions.

    It's time to return to the refined yet monstrous sounds of Killbox, a production outfit who are just as formidable in the studio as they are behind the decks. With a host of high-profile festival appearances this summer, as well as more stellar releases sitting in the pipeline, Ram Records' darkest recruits continue to build on their solid foundations.
    Released on 28th June.


  • 08 Jun, 2017

    Killbox: New Track 'Clickbait' On RAM Records

    Killbox aka Ed Rush & Audio, released their new track 'Clickbait' ft. Ryme Tyme on RAM Records on 31st May.


  • 23 Feb, 2017

    Killbox: Debut EP On RAM Records

    Ed Rush and Audio prepare to launch their new project Killbox with a debut EP on Ram / BMG released on Friday 24th February.
    YourEDM have premiered 'Surge'.