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"I believe setting goals is overrated," says Sassy 009's Sunniva Lindgaard. "Life unfolds in a much greater extent on its own terms."

It's a statement that is both simultaneously emblematic and at odds with Sassy 009's latest release. On one hand, the hotly tipped trio is now a solo project - something no amount of planning could likely foresee - but on the other, the end result feels completely right to continue as an autonomous pursuit. "I must say working by myself feels very natural," she admits.

After 2017's 'Do You Mind' EP - that led to celebratory press from the likes of Pitchfork and the Guardian - Lindgaard began to explore the duality that arose from changing personal circumstances and prospering creative ones. "For the past few years I've learnt to live with a lot of unexpected wavy stuff turning me upside down emotionally," she says.
"While also seeing my musical career blossom. This two-sided lifestyle makes me create music for some reason, and the process evolves itself by my strong will of wanting to cut through the membrane between confusion and clarity."

When trying to tap into the essence of her latest work, Lindgaard describes it as: "electronic, symphonic, poetic and hypnotizing." all of which go someway to capturing the introspective euphoria of her latest work. Her vocals are at once fragile and floating, but also joyous and uplifting; underneath her voice sits rich, engulfing soundscapes, pulsing synths and cracking beats - it's a place where ambient, dream pop, electronica and deconstructed club music all coalesce to find a new form.

The music captures a profound sense of intimacy, like having something whispered directly into your ear, but it's also a vivacious and pulsating record that frequently erupts into throbs of pummelling electronics. The intimacy ultimately stemming from the simple roots of the music. "It always starts with me making music at home with my headphones," she says. "I sit with a cup of tea or glass of red wine with some candles. I guess you could call it a classic bedroom pop situation but in my case it's more of a kitchen table pop thing." But as those tracks evolve, they take on a more twisted and animated form, as she works with friend and co-producer Baya.

The songs evolving into new, previously unexplored terrain also fits in with what was running through Lindgaard's head at the time. "I had quite an intense period of fascination for the universe and existential thoughts, as well as being very much into spaceship aesthetics." The music reflects this deeply textured, thoughtful, otherworldly and almost sci-fi-esque tone. "I have a thing for things I don't understand, like time and space." It was being introduced to the Roland Juno 106 and Oberheim-OB6 synths that led to the sound of the record taking shape and honing in on its aesthetic narrative. "My vision was to create my own spaceship. That's sort of the picture I have in my head when I think of my EP. Plus, my co-producer Baya's studio sort of feels like a spaceship itself, which made the whole working and recording environment inspiring and easy going."

The end of the project was not only a period of intense catharsis but also one of creative re-birth as Sassy 009 was re-born as a new project with a new identity. "When I finished the record, me and Baya listened through with the lights off, laying on the couch and in an office chair, closing our eyes and experiencing the journey we just had created. After the last track had played there was this thirty seconds of silence between us and then I said, 'Baya, I know what the title is going to be... 'KILL SASSY 009'. And he just said, 'There you have it, Sunni'".

"hands-in-the-air jam that will leave you riding high on an endorphin rush by the time it's done." - Pitchfork

"If you're in need of a soundtrack to your summer crush - or just a song to have a summer crush on - consider Sassy 009" - Guardian

"hypnotic electronic pop" - Dazed


SASSY 009 (Photo by Julie Lauritzen)

  • 06 Dec, 2019

    SASSY 009: New Track 'Lara' Featuring Clairo

    SASSY 009 and Clairo team up to preview the sound of the next decade with retro futuristic banger 'Lara' out December 6th on Luft Recordings.

    ...and yes, it's an homage to Microsoft era Lara Croft. This crisp and catchy crossover tune offers the best of pop, indie and electronic music in one dreamy power package. A result of coincidences, the internet and great pop sensibility, 'Lara' came about in 2018 when SASSY 009 happened to be somewhat close by to Clairo's whereabouts in North America, and the energy of mutual admiration led the two artists together. The tune shows a new side of Sunniva LindgÄrd aka SASSY 009's productions, with it's soft synths and underwater world soundscapes. It's still very much SASSY 009 however, showcased through the heavily distorted drums and leftfield breaks. In parallel, Clairo's great sense of storytelling and melody shines through as strong as ever, with a vocal hook that will stick with you entering this next decade...

    Featured in Pitchfork.

  • 02 Dec, 2019

    SASSY 009: Dazed Digital Feature

    The rebirth of electronic artist SASSY 009 is featured in Dazed Digital.

  • 22 Nov, 2019

    SASSY 009: New 'KILL SASSY 009' EP

    SASSY 009's new 'KILL SASSY 009' EP is featured in Dazed Digital.

  • 13 Nov, 2019

    SASSY 009: DJ Mix For i-D Magazine

    SASSY 009 has produced a special DJ mix for i-D magazine.
    Her new 'KILL SASSY 009' EP is released on 22nd November on LUFT Recordings.

  • 30 Oct, 2019

    SASSY 009: Premieres New Track 'Are You Still A Lover'

    SASSY 009 doesn't cease to surprise these days. In a different space compared to the dark and cinematic 'Thrasher' and the 134 bpm electro-pop banger 'Maybe in the Summer' singles, the Norwegian producer is now ready to share her third track of 2019. 'Are You Still a Lover' explores the sensitive and more organic aspects of SASSY's music, who grew up listening to the likes of Joy Division, even introducing electric guitar and bass guitar for the first time in a production. The result is an intimate post-punk inspired pop tune that, despite its fragile nature, has the drive and power stance to lock in listeners with its hypnotic momentum.

    "'Are You Still a Lover' is a reflection on death and love. I've always been a very seeking person when it comes finding meaning and asking questions to our existence as humans, and in this song ask such a banal question as 'are you still a lover when you're gone?'. I guess you could ask, 'gone, in what way?' and I simply have no answer to this question, other than; There are a lot of things I still don't understand."
    "Also - it was really about time to bring the bass guitar into my universe."

    Premiered in High Snobiety.

  • 09 Oct, 2019

    SASSY 009: New Single 'Maybe In The Summer'

    SASSY 009's new single 'Maybe In The Summer' is featured in The Fader.
    Taken from the forthcoming 'KILL SASSY 009' EP.

  • 04 Oct, 2019

    SASSY 009: The Great Escape's 'First Fifty'

    SASSY 009 will play The Great Escape Festival's 'First Fifty' in London on 14th November.
    Featured in Clash magazine.

  • 21 Sep, 2019

    SASSY 009: Live In Copenhagen Review

    SASSY 009 live in Copenhagen is reviewed in Crack Magazine.

    Crack Magazine
  • 10 Jul, 2018

    SASSY 009: Featured In Double Croche

    SASSY 009 are featured in the French web-zine Double Croche.

  • 04 Jul, 2018

    Pop Kultur Berlin 2018

    Pop-Kultur takes place at various venues around Berlin from the 15th to 17th August, and features several artists from the Primary Talent International & Decked Out artist rosters.

    ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    ...Agar Agar
    ...Neneh Cherry
    ...Nilufer Yanya
    ...Noga Erez
    ...SASSY 009

    pop kultur