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Growing up on a Spanish island with British parents, as a teen Luke spent his time listening to his parents' old soul records, playing his guitar or would often be out performing with his musician father before developing his sound as a producer and singer of Soul, Hip Hop, Trap and Reggaeton, with influences ranging from N.E.R.D to Nicky Jam flipping back to his love of the UK drum & bass scene.

With his distinctive vocal sound Luke found himself being courted by labels both sides of the Atlantic after being taken on board by Afro Beat star Davido's management where he spent several months recording in LA and Atlanta with the likes of Nicki Minaj's own Parker Ighile (Chipmunk, Ariana Grande, Rita Ora, Quincy Jones, Rihanna) and others in the Atlanta urban scene. Unfortunately that arrangement was short lived but Luke's determination and passion to create certainly was not.

Returning to the UK and with new London based management in place Luke decided to get back to basics connecting with UK producer of the moment Raf Riley (Etta Bond, Avelino) and the Odd Child crew of artists and producers where he recorded this brand new set of recordings where he sings in both English & Spanish that form his 8 song mixtape.

Luke goes under the name XNilo which is an abbreviation in Spanish meaning 'From Nothing' and the mixtape features a host of guests from the crew from Etta Bond to Jahlani and Krissy Gunz with further production from Jason Julian, Moon, 80's Baby and XNilo himself.

You will also find XNilo featured on a Famous Dex / Danny Avila release thru Sony that Luke wrote and produced and adds his special UK / Latin vocal flavour to due for release in June. Signed by Island Records' President of North America: Darcus Beese OBE, Luke was given the freedom to set up his own label and create with his own vision and his mixtape is a dizzying array of talent that firmly put him on the map as one to watch out for in 2019 and beyond. But it doesnt stop there Luke just returned from Miami where he was working with the Latin producer of the moment a man who's scooping up Grammys like ice cream, Colombia's very own...... so watch this space for the next chapter from XNilo.