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Aida Lae


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Born in Namibia, Aida grew up in a non-musical family with her mom from Mozambique and dad from Sweden. At the age of 5 , Aida and her family permanently moved to a small town in Southern Sweden and as she grew up she spent most of her days watching MTV and teaching herself how to play the piano. People around Lae would often view her dreams as too big but that only made her want to pursue them even more. One day, one of her best friend’s dad heard her sing and helped her with her first performance and since then she’s wanted to spend every second on stage.

As soon as she was old enough, Aida made her move to Stockholm and started spending more time in London. During this time Lae lost sense of who she was and the music the she was making. In 2022 she took a break from the music and says she realized a lot about herself. She describes it as a refreshing feeling to express her inner feelings and not pretend to be someone she’s not. “Trust Issues” is the first single from her upcoming project.

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