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Aida Lae


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Aida Lae wrote her first song at 11 years old as a way of dealing with her emotions, in English too - quite a feat for a young Swedish girl who by this point hadn’t even ventured to the capital Stockholm, 6 hours outside of her small town of Helsingborg, where she lived with her family.

Inspired by the likes of Rhianna, Sia, Beyonce, Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child. Lae sites the UK, and one of the biggest exports the Spice Girls, as her main lease of inspiration throughout her younger years; their messages of female empowerment something that helped her incredibly on her determined journey to become a recording artist.

As soon as she was old enough and Inspired by the legion of artists she grew up listening to, Aida finally made the move to Stockholm where she connected with a plethora of producers whilst working a part time job in retail. It was here where she flourished and connected with the sound that she holds so close now.

Today, Lae is inspired by the likes of Summer Walker, Nao, Burna Boy and Masego. You might say her music is injected with the sounds of pop and afrobeat, but Lae’s passion for R&B is entirely present and perhaps essential for this exciting new talent with dreams of touring the world. Perhaps that dream isn’t as far off as she might think.

Aida Lae

Aida Lae