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In a time of reigning culture, unapologetic individuality and embracement of self, emerges a rising dream from a young, London raised artist.

22-year-old Amun is a British-Somali singer songwriter. Ever since childhood, her life was powered by a great love of the arts. Her parents, both avid music listeners, surrounded her with the rhythms of classic 90s R&B and Hip-Hop, inspiring what would later become the foundation for her distinctively reminiscent and nostalgic sound, as well as her passion for writing.

With music being the only path which constantly called out to Amun, she struggled finding her path in her adolescent years - today, this calling out becomes a reality Amun can pursue. Amun began writing in 2013 and sharing her work in the hopes of inspiring other young artists. Not having the funds to book studio sessions, Amun would spend all her time making tracks in school and a community centre; proving both her passion and determination. She put immense focus into achieving her goal, perfecting the craft, writing as much as possible, trying new beats and finding her own unique style. At the start of 2017, Amun was approached by Perpetuity Music and released her debut EP 'Separate' with their help.

The EP is a five-song introduction to the essence of Amun, written over the span of two years, tapping into different time periods in her life.
The name symbolises Amun's individuality and originality on the music scene. The EP showcases a variety of flows, not only vocally but also lyrically. Each track is a rendition of the lessons, experiences and childhood tales that many can relate to.

With her music, Amun strives to inspire other artists to be "free and creative on the beat". She merges the soulfulness of R&B with the bluntness of Hip-Hop, creating something that is both a time capsule and a completely innovative sound. Amun is everything that contemporary British music has been missing. With all eyes on her and everything to look forward to, she is about to make this year her own.