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      Everyone at Primary Talent International would like to send their most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Blaine Johnson, known to his many fans as Cadet.

      In over two years of working together, we got to know him as a positive light, illuminating those around him with his beaming smile. His art was both fun-filled and thoughtful, his performances energetic and honest.

      We are privileged to have been involved in his life and will feel his absence in ours.

      Rest in peace Underrated Legend.


      Hailing from South London, Cadet has toured the United Kingdom supporting Krept & Konan on their 'The Long Way Home Tour'; with Bugzy Malone on his 'Walk With Me Tour', released two EP's 'The Commitment' and 'The Commitment 2' as well as selling out his own two headline shows and a sold out tour under his belt as well as accumulating millions of views on Youtube and Spotify.

      Despite painting the most vivid of pictures, Cadet is no story-teller.
      Cadet isn't grime's version of some camp-fire artist, he's a rapper who's found a way to vent his frustrations in a way that many people now regularly appreciate. "I wouldn't call myself a storyteller. I dislike being called that. If you go back to old-school music through the history, music is meant to be you telling your story, and about how certain things make you feel. Slick Rick was a story-teller, because he'll make up a story then tell you something a bank robber or something like that, that was storytelling."

      Now we arrive in the current moment of Cadet's career, a state of mind Cadet embraces to great effect, and uses to his advantage to ensure a consistent work-rate. "Instead of me focusing on what's gonna happen next week or next month, it's about what's going to happen today, because it's about working hard every day".

      Cadet has gone from encountering roadblocks and a lack of consistency to being one of few grime emcees who can tap into two entirely different ends of the content spectrum. There are very few rappers who can paint a picture like Cadet, and even fewer who are more honest.

      "All I know is I'm working hard today, tomorrow and the day after, so shit's gonna come together. I'm just working hard every day, and that's better than working towards something in six months, because I'm making the most out of today."