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        Most of us are much the same, whatever our perceived differences. Zoom in closely enough on the matter that makes us - our bones, blood, skin; our souls - and, really, we're very alike. And we all go through our share of bad situations, whatever our today might encompass. But we still have another thing in common: tomorrow can be whatever we want it to be.

        'Shedding Skin' is tomorrow, today - for its maker, it's the manifestation of a new challenge, of fresh thinking, after a preceding album of necessary catharsis. If you think you know multifaceted musician Ghostpoet, think again. While the past is important, this singular artist's third studio album is a brave, confident stride into previously unexplored methodologies and untapped inspiration - it's a reboot of sorts, the reinvention and distillation of traits that have so far made the man's reputation. Nothing here sounds like a style stuck on repeat.

        Explicitly personal insights have become wider perspectives: after 2013's 'Some Say I So I Say Light' LP purged London-based Obaro Ejimiwe of lingering spectres born of a relationship breakdown, 'Shedding Skin' allows him to refocus on what he loves: sitting, observing, processing, creating. In some respects 'Shedding Skin' harks back to Ghostpoet's Mercury Prize - nominated debut of 2011, 'Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam', in its assembly at least: then, he was free of baggage, loose-limbed and able to capture a moment and spin it into a song; now, he's in a comparable place, but has skilfully circumvented potential complacency by opening the door to creative collaboration while also placing strict conditions on the recording process.

        More so than either previous LP, 'Shedding Skin' is a warm, organic, alternative offering, crafted with a traditional live set-up by the musicians who have become ingrained in the Ghostpoet programme.
        Ejimiwe is flanked throughout by his touring band: Joe Newman on guitar; John Calvert on bass, who also co-produced the album alongside the man with his name on the sleeve; and John Blease on drums.

        Of this approach, Ejimiwe is clear on his intentions: "I wanted a consistent sonic direction throughout the record. I was definitely seeking coherency. And I wanted my mates!" Also featured are guest vocalists including Lucy Rose, Etta Bond, Nadine Shah, celebrated Belgian singer Melanie De Biasio, and Maximo Park frontman Paul Smith.

        The live set-up made for a far quicker recording process than ever before: from demos to mastered material in four months. "Brian Eno told me, when I was in Mali participating in African Express, that it was always best to record an album quickly, and then move on. That philosophy really stuck with me, and I brought it to the fore when making this album."

        Neither of Ghostpoet's prior albums exactly lacked for coherence across their tracks, but 'Shedding Skin' really is a definitive embracing of the format: 10 songs that are clearly designed to sit beside one another, to work as a whole. Tonally, it's a set that runs through bright peaks and dark shallows, its topics including the tackling of domestic violence ('Yes, I Helped You Pack'), the gut-wrenching encountering of an ex-love with their new beau ('That Ring Down The Drain Feeling'), the awkwardness of the morning after a one-night stand ('Sorry My Love, It's You Not Me') and the perception of the homeless (the title track). Heavyweight emotions, but always articulated with distance enough for the overall effect to be thought provoking, rather than choking.

        "I try to write instinctively, and see things from various points of view," says Ejimiwe on the album's thematic content. 'Yes, I Helped You Pack' is a picture of a situation seen from the perspective of both participants, with Etta Bond providing complementary vocals to voice the female side. "It's important to have that balance," Ejimiwe continues, before turning to the track 'Shedding Skin'. "Here, I didn't want it to be, like, 'Oh, look at him,' or for it to present this homeless man as crazy. It's more about the frustration and helplessness of the situation."

        'Shedding Skin' ends on a high, though, a song that cuts through the shit that life can throw at us all to say: you know what, something amazing might just be around the corner. Maybe it's time to get living, y'know? Summoned forth on delicate piano work and carried upwards by soaring strings, 'Nothing In The Way' takes the give-it-all-up attitude and throws it over its shoulder, looking ahead all the way to the horizon - and what's just over the other side. "We all fall down," sings Ejimiwe; "But when we get up, nothing in the world can stop us It's what I believe."

        "We all go through ups and downs on a daily basis, regardless of your status, or how much money you have," says the song's architect.
        "Regardless of your situation, there's always hope. And I think that's something that's come through in everything I've made, because I believe it so much. It's an eternal thing."

        Ghostpoet's eagle-eyed take on the most minute aspects of everyday living has inspired 'Shedding Skin', but there's plenty of evident emotion at play, too - this is all sung from the heart, from the soul and the stomach, the places where feelings dance on the daily.
        "For this album, it felt silly to focus just on how great, or not, my own life is," says Ejimiwe. "My life is only one amongst millions. And that's the attitude of it."

        Millions of us, mingling, all the time: all with our quirks and flaws, our fabulous fuck-ups and impossible ambitions. We're all absolutely perfect in our inconsistencies and beautiful in our achievements. 'Shedding Skin' is a celebration of identity, of oneself being a part of something much bigger. The cell on the sleeve is Ejimiwe's - it was taken as part of a biopsy with the assistance of medical professionals who the musician was introduced to as a result of working on the *Body Of Songs project - but it's not unlike any that you'd find on yourself.

        We all carry these parts of us around, the tiniest details, whatever our path through life. And we're all going to hit our share of bumps.
        Ghostpoet sees that, and the way through it: one foot in front of the other, every step a difference. And just because you're not living the dream today, it doesn't mean that tomorrow won't see it flower. A great reveal is only as imminent as you choose to make it.

        'Shedding Skin' is the biggest and boldest album yet from an artist who has always stood apart from the sound-alikes. He's still learning, just as we all are. He's still growing, just as we all are. But this is the beginning of the next phase for Ghostpoet, and a collection that sets a new precedent as his very best work yet, a dream record to accompany our journey through whatever hands we're dealt, one day at a time.



  • 08 Jan, 2018

    Ghostpoet: Germany February 2018

    Ghostpoet will tour in Germany during February 2018.

  • 23 Aug, 2017

    Ghostpoet: In Session For BBC 6 Music

    Ghostpoet was in session for Lauren Laverne on her BBC Radio 6 Music show.

  • independent
  • 16 Aug, 2017

    Ghostpoet: Premieres New Track 'Dopamine If I Do'

    On the eve of the release of his fourth album 'Dark Days + Canapes' through Play It Again Sam on Friday 18th August, Ghostpoet today shares new track 'Dopamine If I Do'.

    The track, its title a thought provoking play on words is the latest instalment of a series of songs to pre-empt the album and follows the well-received 'Immigrant Boogie' and 'Freakshow'. Opening with a dark foreboding 'Dopamine If I Do' features Ghostpoet, aka Obaro Ejimiwe, contemplating and contrasting the idealistic vision of our hyper-connected world with the epidemic of isolation it is responsible for.
    As he explains; "I wrote this one for any minds struggling to make sense of an increasingly connected but lonesome world."

    The track features singer-songwriter EERA, whose cut-glass Nordic tones offer the perfect foil to Obaro's string accompanied doom-noir.

    'Dark Days + Canapes' is available on ltd white vinyl, standard vinyl, CD and download.

    Ghostpoet tours throughout the UK and Ireland, see his artist page for details.

    'Dopamine If I Do' is premiered in The Fader.

  • 08 Jul, 2017

    Ghostpoet: New Video For 'Freakshow'

    Ghostpoet shares his new video for 'Freakshow', taken from the upcoming album 'Dark Days & Canapes', released on 18th August.
    He tours the UK throughout October & November.

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  • 17 May, 2017

    Ghostpoet: New Video For 'Immigrant Boogie'

    "Obaro Ejimiwe returns with a timely plea for compassion to a soundscape of menace and claustrophobia" - The Sunday Times

    Ghostpoet - Obaro Ejimiwe has unveiled the video for latest track 'Immigrant Boogie'. The song, the first to emerge from recent studio sessions is "a first person account of a difficult journey across borders, that asks the listener to question how they would feel in a similar situation."

    Directed by Zhang + Knight, the video draws the viewer into a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, where a lone man laden with personal effects runs from an unknown threat. His belongings are jettisoned as he journeys in a state of increasing despair. The strangely alien landscape and narrative is uncomfortably familiar somehow and strikes a nerve for all those aware of the recent displacement crisis.

    Ghostpoet is touring the United Kingdom and Ireland in October, see his artist page for details.

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  • 19 Apr, 2017

    Ghostpoet: New Single 'Immigrant Boogie' & UK Tour

    'Immigrant Boogie' marks the first new material from Ghostpoet since the release of his third and much lauded, Mercury-nominated 'Shedding Skin' album in 2015. The track also heralds news of a full UK / Irish tour in the Autumn - see artist page for full itinerary.

    Swathed in post-punk virtuosity, 'Immigrant Boogie' is a narrative only too pertinent in 2017.
    Ghostpoet aka Obaro Ejimiwe explains:

    "It's a first person account of a difficult journey across borders, partly intended to ask those who have questioned the arrival of refugees in recent times what they would do in the same situation.

    The song is written in two halves - the first hopeful for a brighter future, while the second sees hope snatched away by forces beyond the control of the storyteller.

    There is an important story to be told there, but I wrote the song in a way that aims to capture a broader human truth: that while we are all working for a better life for ourselves, we have to accept that we are not in control of the outcome"

    This is the first track to emerge from various sessions recorded over the past few months in Obaro's hometown London.

    Featuring Charlie Steen, drafted in from South London's up and comers Shame on guest vocals and assisted by Leo Abrahams (Wild Beasts, Frightened Rabbit) on guitar and production duties, 'Immigrant Boogie' marks a stunning return.

    Ghostpoet has produced three critically acclaimed albums in his career thus far, of which two were Mercury nominated. All three projects have received widespread recognition from critics and playlists alike.

    'Immigrant Boogie' is yet another addition to an increasingly versatile catalogue and testament to an artist who always strives to stimulate and provoke.

    Since his most recent offering 'Shedding Skin', Obaro has been busy performing live and writing. Noteworthy appearances include a memorable set at BST in Hyde Park, as well as a collaboration with Massive Attack on the track 'Come Near Me'.

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  • 29 Jul, 2016

    Ghostpoet: Featured On New Massive Attack Track

    Ghostpoet is featured on a brand new track from Massive Attack, entitled 'Come Near Me'.

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  • 12 May, 2016

    Ghostpoet: Bestival at Goldsmiths

    Ghostpoet will appear at a special Bestival event at Goldsmiths University in New Cross, London on 17th June.

    bestival goldsmiths
  • 08 Mar, 2016

    British Summer Time Hyde Park: Massive Attack

    Massive Attack's British Summer Time event in Hyde Park, London on Thursday 1st July will feature special guests from the Primary Talent roster:

    ...Patti Smith & Her Band
    ...Young Fathers (onstage with Massive Attack)

    bst massive
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