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Mimi Barks


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Mimi is a genre-mashing star in waiting who is bringing fresh and exciting material into the metal/trap world. With heaps of aggression and attitude, she delivers a strong performance on any stage. If Trap Metal came screaming out of the digital womb, a sonic playa hater wired to disrupt the code of those who came before, then the likes of MIMI BARKS are the future of the glitchy genre. Her “from-the-heart-guts-n-soul” smash of trap beats and raspy, pissed-off vocals has been self-christened: “DOOM TRAP” and the name fits. It’s the bitter pill the former Berliner-now-relocated-to-London intends to smear all over the genre in a way that’s punk-as-fuck and louder-than-hell. This is the sound of music eating its young. Imagine Hip Hop word fire, electronic beats and slashing guitars chewed up and spat out by Trap’s chopped beats, distorted basslines and general weirdness. Like the Borg say – Resistance is futile.

MIMI BARKS is an artist of NOW: baring digital teeth across multiple platforms with a vibrancy that can only come out of these turbulent times.

Mimi Barks
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