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The Mission


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In late 1985 Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams left The Sisters Of Mercy and formed The Mission and in early 1986 embarked on their first European tour, supporting The Cult. They released two singles independently, both reaching #1 in the UK alternative charts, the first one, 'Serpent's Kiss', being the top selling independent single of 1986, before signing a worldwide record deal with Phonogram Records (now Universal).

Their first single for the new label, 'Stay With Me', went straight into the UK chart at #30 followed by their debut album 'God's Own Medicine' at #14. Over the next eight years the band released six more albums and enjoyed a further 13 top 40 singles including anthemic classics such as 'Wasteland', 'Tower Of Strength', 'Beyond The Pale', 'Deliverance' and 'Butterfly On A Wheel'. Total worldwide album sales to date have now well exceeded 4 million.

During this period, The Mission enhanced their reputation as one of the best and most exciting live bands in the world winning countless accolades and inspiring both lurid media stories and a fanatical following as they toured constantly including highlights such as seven sold out consecutive shows at the Astoria Theatre in London (a house record never beaten), headlining the famous Reading Festival twice, and also playing with U2, The Cure and Robert Plant.

In 1994, the band parted company with Phonogram after a number of contractual disputes and signed their label 'Neverland' to Sony Dragnet in Europe. Two years and two more album releases later, the band decided to call a halt to the general craziness of their existence to seek respite and well-earned solace.

In 1999, fully reinvigorated, The Mission reunited and after a few spectacularly successful early shows, embarked on a year long tour that saw the band visit places as far flung as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Greece (Recon 2000 Tour), including memorable appearances at the Eurorock and M'era Luna festivals and which culminated in a successful European tour in November / December 2000.

In late 2001 The Mission released what many fans consider to be their finest album to date in 'AurA'. It marked the beginning of a contemporary and exciting new era for the band and the welcome return of all of the band's old swagger, relevance and confidence. The album reached #1 in the German alternative chart and stayed there for eight weeks. The band also embarked on a German tour as special guests of 'HIM' to coincide with the release of the album, quickly followed by their own very successful six-week tour of Europe in early 2002.

In April of that year, The Mission returned to South America for shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Peru. This carried on throughout the summer and the band played further successful shows in Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, USA, and the UK.

The band continued to tour throughout 2003 ('Pilgrimage'), 2004 ('Breathen and Absolution') and 2005 ('Lighting the Candles') with the interim periods also seeing Wayne working on several side projects including those with legendary Italian band, Votiva Lux, and the film 'Mercenario' resulting in the limited edition CD Single 'Breathe Me In', which reached number one in the German DAC charts.

During the 2005 'Lighting the Candles' tour, a double DVD of the same name was released, the band's first ever DVD release, to coincide with the tour.
Packed with footage from live shows, video singles, archive and biography features, and behind the scenes footage, it has been critically acclaimed as one of the most complete video releases any band has released to date and was nominated in Germany for the equivalent of a Grammy. A remarkable achievement when it's considered this was a self financed independent release and was nominated in the same category as new DVD releases by such artists as Madonna and Bon Jovi.

Early 2006 saw Universal Records release 'Anthology - The Phonogram Years' - a compilation of some of the band's finest work plus some rare and never heard before tracks, plus 'Waves Upon the Sand / Crusade' DVD - a re-release of two Phonogram period Mission videos. Later followed by re-releasing the first four Mission albums, digitally remastered with bonus tracks and sleeve notes. All sold extremely well.

The Mission released their album 'God Is A Bullet' on SPV in April 2007. It would've been easy for the band to revisit past glories but they resisted. The Mission recorded a 'forward looking' album that was both brave and adventurous. It's a 'guitar' album full of swagger, confidence, good tunes, and, in Wayne Hussey, a songwriter that was at the top of his game.

March 2008 saw The Mission close the curtain - for the time being at least, with Wayne Hussey disbanding the group to concentrate on solo ventures - with a sold out European tour which culminated with 4 shows at the London Shepherds Bush Empire. The band released 'The Final Chapter' DVD, which chronicled the the tour, and charted at number 6 in the UK DVD chart later that year.

2011 - And 3/4 of the original line-up of the band - Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler - reformed with new drummer, Mike Kelly, to play a sold out European 25th anniversary tour which ended at London's Brixton Academy, a show that was sold out a full 6 months in advance! Encouraged by the response of fans the band extended the tour to include South & North America and then went onto record, and release in late 2013, a brand new album, 'The Brightest Light', which garnered the best press reviews the band had received in years.

Armed by one of the most rabid fan bases in the world The Mission continued to excite the legions with a slew of successful shows and tours and have continued to do so ever since.

And now 2016 sees The Mission celebrating 30 years since they first set foot on the stage at the tiny Alice In Wonderland club in London and, to celebrate, the band set out on their most extensive and ambitious tour since they reformed in 2011 and will release a brand new album to coincide.
Keep the faith!


"I momentarily cast my eyes to the back of the room to wonder at an entire room full of people with arms aloft in tribute to one of Britain's most under-rated, part-forgotten, yet best-loved bands of all time." - James Wright - Pure Rawk, August 2015

"The Mission have lost none of the passion and verve that had them rightly at the top of the live circuit tree." - Dom Daley - Uber Rock, June 2015

"Entering the darkened stage in a sea of dry ice, Wayne Hussey's stage presence is a sight to behold. The sing-a-long from the crowd is obligatory but it's also testament to how great The Mission have become. A truly magnificent performance." - Stan - Backseat Mafia, June 2015

"The Mission. Britain's stupidest band!" - NME, Dec.1990

The Mission

The Mission

  • 22 Oct, 2019

    The Mission: The United European Party Tour 2020

    From Wayne: "Asking me to write about the anticipation of touring Europe whilst in the throes of a 12 week solo slog around the continent & British Isles is a bit like asking me to explain the taste of egg soufflé after being force-fed boiled eggs every day for 3 months. There is a world of difference between a boiled egg and one that is souffléd. As it is touring solo and touring with The Mission. Hence, we, The Mission, are heading out to tour Europe & Brexit'ed UK in early spring next year. Why? Don't need a reason, we just fancy it.

    Having just toured Europe it strikes me that one thing that unifies people of any & every culture and race is music. It brings people together to celebrate, to commune, to share the experience. This is why I've named the tour ‘The United European Party Tour'. Less a political statement (although my personal leaning - and I don't speak for the rest of the band - veers toward Brexit being a huge backward step) but more a statement about how people can be united regardless of where they are born or where they live or their politics.

    Music is about people, emotions, feelings, togetherness; not division, borders, extreme right or left or wanker politicians. So let's get together, have a sing-song, some fun, and let's celebrate life and being part of the human family.

    One thing I wanted to do on this tour to ease the rigours of spending another solid 10-12 weeks on a tour bus is to play two nights everywhere we can. That affords us at least one night in two sleeping in a hotel bed. It also enables us to play completely different sets on each of the 2 nights. Our plan is to play songs one night exclusively from our 1st, 3rd, 5th and so on albums - First Chapter, Children, Grains Of Sand, Neverland, Aura, & The Brightest Light - whilst the other night will be songs exclusively from albums, 2, 4, 6 etc - God's Own Medicine, Carved In Sand, Masque, Blue, God Is A Bullet, & Another Fall From Grace. Which set comes on the first night will be decided on the day so you'll never know which you're gonna get first. A little devious maybe but to ensure you don't miss a beat you'll need to attend both nights... Ah, come on, it'll be fun…..

    We're playing a couple of UK warm-up shows too, please see full tour dates below."


    mission 2020
  • 05 Jun, 2017

    The Mission: Melkweg Amsterdam

    The Mission have announced further European tour dates for November, including the Melkweg in Amsterdam on the 8th.
    See their artist page for details.


  • 26 Apr, 2017

    The Mission: At The Welly, Hull

    The Mission have added The Welly in Hull, to their current UK tour, tickets available from the link below.


  • 21 Dec, 2016

    The Mission: 'Another Fall From Grace' Tour

    Extra dates have been added to The Mission's 'Another Fall From Grace' tour, in May & June 2017. See their artist page for details.


    mission grace
  • 13 Dec, 2016

    The Mission: To Support Alice Cooper On UK Tour

    Alice Cooper will return to the UK, for his first tour there in five years, in November 2017.
    He is bringing two bands with him to reflect two of his best sides - outrageous theatrical controversy and the darker, gothic rock that Alice influenced - The Mission & The Tubes.

    The Mission were formed by two members of Sisters Of Mercy in 1986, Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams. Songs like 'Wasteland', 'Tower Of Strength' and 'Deliverance' became classics of the 1980's goth rock scene and beyond. The band were heroes of alt rock, headlining Reading Festival twice and, on one tour, selling out seven consecutive nights at London's legendary Astoria Theatre.

    "I remember during the summer of 1972 being on scout camp and hearing this new song on the radio that absolutely mesmerised me. 'School's Out' by Alice Cooper. Loved it, still do," said The Mission's Wayne Hussey.
    "Fast forward to 1987 and our first headline spot on the Friday night at Reading Festival. Headlining the Sunday was Alice Cooper. And now we've been invited by Alice to join him on his UK tour next November."

    See The Mission's artist page for full details, tickets available from the link below.


    alice mission
  • 30 Nov, 2016

    The Mission 'Another Fall From Grace' Tour 2017

    The Mission announce a UK Tour for May 2017 and unveil a new video for 'Blood On The Road'.

    The six UK dates start in Bournemouth on May 17th and includes Wayne's Birthday celebration show in Sheffield, before concluding in Leicester on May 27th.

    Wayne Hussey exclaims "Well, it's now just over a week since we played our last show of the year in Auckland, New Zealand, and after the fun and frolics we enjoyed over the course of the last two months on tour we are already looking ahead to doing some more next year. So, do you wanna do it all again? We do."

    "With that in mind we are pleased to be able to announce more shows for next May & June (see artists page). And, we've also put together a new video for 'Blood On The Road', filmed on tour in Bristol, Cologne, Utrecht, & Paris recently by James Sharples."

    The Mission have just completed their most extensive and ambitious tour since they reformed in 2011 and released the critically acclaimed and UK Top 40 new studio album 'Another Fall From Grace', which features 'Blood On The Road' along with the singles: 'Tyranny Of Secrets' and 'Met-Amor-Phosis'.

    'Another Fall From Grace' was produced by Wayne Hussey and Tim Palmer and features guest backing vocals from Gary Numan, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Ville Valo (HIM), Julianne Regan (All About Eve) & Evi Vine.

    With the original members Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams and Simon Hinkler being joined by new drummer Mike Kelly in 2011 and armed by one of the most rabid fan bases in the world The Mission have continued to excite the legions with the release of their new album 'Another Fall From Grace' and will continue to do so next year with these new shows.


  • 21 Sep, 2016

    The Mission: New Video 'Tyranny Of Secrets'

    The Mission unveil a new video for their track 'Tyranny Of Secrets', taken from the forthcoming album 'Another Fall From Grace', released on 30th September.


  • 16 Aug, 2016

    The Mission: 30th Anniversary Tour

    The Mission will undertake their 30th Anniversary Tour throughout Europe during October.


  • 16 Aug, 2016

    The Mission: New Album 'Another Fall From Grace'

    The Mission release their new album, 'Another Fall From Grace', on 30th September 2016, except the USA (released 14th October). Available on CD, double CD (w/bonus DVD), Vinyl and digital download versions, it was produced by Wayne Hussey and Tim Palmer and features guest backing vocals from Gary Numan, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Ville Valo (HIM), Julianne Regan (All About Eve) & Evi Vine.

    'Another Fall From Grace'
    For me, this new Mission album is the long lost missing link between the Sisters Of Mercy's 'First & Last & Always' and The Mission's 'God's Own Medicine', both albums of course that I was heavily involved in making. I set out this time with the intention of making an album that sounds like 1985. The fact that I feel this has largely been achieved is down to my renewed love for the jingle jangle shimmer of the electric 12 string guitar which featured heavily on those two previously mentioned albums and now the new Mission album.

    This is a dark album although I didn't set out with that intention, it's just the way things unfolded. I know I did go a little crazy and even a little paranoid during the recording of this album, certainly my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being all suffered during the course of it. And I think that has informed both the music and the lyrics. So much of this was done in isolation - from the world, from my family, from my friends, and even from my band mates. I can't say it's an album I enjoyed making but it is an album I NEEDED to make. It is with huge relief that I can now say it is finished and maybe it's like an acute pain that you have that once it's gone you can't remember how it felt. I hope so as I would like one day to feel the fondness for this record that it maybe deserves.

    Wayne Hussey 12th Aug 2016

    On September 2nd The Mission release the gloriously melodramatic 'Met-Amor-Phosis', the first single from their forthcoming new album.

    Co-Produced by Tim Palmer and Wayne Hussey, 'Met-Amor-Phosis' features backing vocals by HIM front man Ville Valo and marks a return for The Mission to their classic anthemic swagger and bombast. The 'Met-Amor-Phosis' digital only single includes a haunting acoustic version by Wayne Hussey and a high energy club version called, 'The Black Star Remix' by Evansson.

    'Met-Amor-Phosis' emerged following a coastal drive from LA to San Francisco, explains Wayne - "Bowie had just died and whilst the first verse is mostly autobiographical having also recently read Kafka's novel of the same title the second verse is certainly flavoured by Bowie's passing".


  • 01 Jul, 2016

    The Mission: 30th Anniversary Tour

    The Mission announce Pete Murphy and The 69 Eyes as their special guests for their '30th Anniversary' UK shows.

    To celebrate their '30th Anniversary', The Mission set out on their most extensive and ambitious tour since they reformed in 2011 and to coincide with the tour they will release a brand new studio album.

    The '30th Anniversary' European leg of the tour starts in Dublin on October 1st and includes the Whitby Goth Weekend on November 5th with Pete Murphy playing the October UK shows and The 69 Eyes the November dates.

    Wayne Hussey exclaims "It's with absolute honour and delight that I am able to tell you that Peter Murphy has agreed to play these '30th Anniversary' UK shows as very special guest of The Mission in October. Peter's appearance will help make these shows the special events that we always wanted and hoped they'd be. And it'll be great to reacquaint myself with an old friend..."

    While The 69 Eyes' singer Jyrki 69 says "I remember the first time seeing the 'Wasteland' video on TV. It hit me hard, I even got the issue of Smash Hits with Wayne on the cover. 'God's Own Medicine' is still one of my favourite albums and without no doubt The 69 Eyes wouldn't sound like we do without The Mission. Can't wait to get back to play in the UK."

    With the original members Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams and Simon Hinkler being joined by new drummer Mike Kelly in 2011 and armed by one of the most rabid fan bases in the world The Mission have continued to excite the legions with a slew of successful shows and tours. The Mission has sold in excess of 4 million albums and singles. They have garnered headlines in the worlds music press and not always for the quality and strength of their music.

    However, with a new studio album set to be released later this year and this extensive tour The Mission enter their 4th decade in the rudest of health.


    30 anniversary