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Uly’s heart has always been battling his head. After studying Astrophysics in University and prior to beginning his professional music career, Uly (né Rafino Murphy) did an internship in physics in Japan. He left that world for music, feeling that undeniable call to create. Although the Dubliner cut his teeth playing metal and grunge classical music and songwriting as a teen, it would be only after picking up the trumpet and leaving the hardcore scene that Uly would surface.

Supporting his habit by working in cafés and music shops, he developed Uly’s signature nebulous, lo-fi funk/soul sound. Often producing his own tracks in his childhood bedroom, Uly’s early singles were full of joy, sonically speaking, with warm horns and speckled production — a ray of sunshine illuminating the dust in the air. Praised by the Irish music scene as a fresh new voice to watch, coupled with a high-profile placement on the hit Hulu/BBC series Normal People, it appeared that Uly might be the Next Big Thing.

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