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Self-dedication is WHIPPED CREAM’s guiding light. It’s brought millions of streams, viral hits, performances at Coachella and Red Rocks, and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the business—but it would mean nothing if it didn’t bring confidence in her power and truth.

Someone You Can Count On is a seven-track excavation of the twisted and toxic voices that can sabotage our light. It’s heavy and dramatic, capturing doom-ridden moods with cinematic grandeur—but it’s also a story of hope.

“This whole project was an incredibly healing force that I'm still working on,” she says. “It was something I needed to release—a higher thing.”

From the operatic musicality of “The Dark” with Jasiah and Crimson Child, to the anthemic chords of “Angels,” the industrial minimalism of “Be Here (La La La)” with The Duchess, and the haunting bounce of “Rewind.. (But I Love You), this EP is a battle between gaslighting storytellers and a self-protecting protagonist. It’s powerful but never overpowering, a stark and clean collection of sounds that conjure walls of feeling with thoughtful dynamics. Directing her own music videos for the first time, the only limits are the one’s she ignores.

“I definitely feel I'm coming into my actual self,” she says. “I'm not on the safe path. I'm not signed to a major label. I don't have a big pop hit, but things are starting to formulate in really cool ways. I can just do my best to keep doing it my way, as long as I can.”

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