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      Functioning as a musical sponge from an early age, Charlotte Adigery has done it all, from long defunct teen bands to vocal sessions for friends-gone-dance-producers. With WWWater (because what is a sponge without water?) she finally soaks it all in and unleashes her own musical waves upon the world, dipping in bits and pieces of her eclectic taste. "Solange Knowles fronting US synth rock duo Zombi with a thick glaze of mid-1980s Minneapolis" says The Wire, Skinny puts it as "gentle, brutal music that viciously defies classification" and "best experienced in the flesh" according to The Independent - backed up live by Bolis Pupul (DEEWEE) on keys and Steve Slingeneyer on drums (of Soulwax fame), WWWater reaches a boiling point on stage.

      "One of our favorite artists right now." - Lauren Laverne

      "Solange fronting US synth rock duo Zombi with a glaze of mid-1980s Minneapolis" - The Wire

      "Utterly charming minimal-electro." - NME

      "Channeling the breathy, intense vocal style of FKA twigs, 'WWWater' shows Charlotte Adigery to be as hard-hitting as she is soulful, a multi-faceted beast." - DIY Magazine

      "Gentle, brutal music that viciously defies classification" - Skinny

      "A project rooted in personal experience and built on stunning songs" - The Line Of Best Fit

      "Best experienced in the flesh." - The Independent

      Humbling power, sacred shower



  • 16 Oct, 2018

    Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

    The Amsterdam Dance Event begins tomorrow, and runs until Sunday 21st October & features a whole host of Primary Talent International & Decked Out artists.

    ...Ama Lou
    ...DaM-FunK (Live & DJ)
    ...Danny L Harle
    ...Red Axes (Live & DJ)
    ...Agar Agar
    ...The Jillionaire
    ...Boys Noize
    ...Tchami x Malaa
    ...Modestep (DJ)
    ...Full Crate
    ...Julia Govor
    ...Dave Clarke
    ...Rodriguez Jr.
    ...Mind Against
    ...Thys (Noisia)


  • 12 Oct, 2018

    Neneh Cherry & WWWater: At Mona Foma

    Both Neneh Cherry & WWWater, will appear at the Mona Foma festival in Launceston, Tasmania, AU. Between 13th - 20th January 2019.


    mona foma
  • 19 Sep, 2018

    WWWater & Jockstrap: In DIY New Music Bulletin

    Both WWWater & Jockstrap are featured in DIY's new music bulletin.


  • 12 Sep, 2018

    WWWater: Unleashes Brutal New Single 'SCREEN'

    Just when you thought you'd pinned this lady down, WWWater's Charlotte Adigery goes and turns all punky on you, studding her new single 'SCREEN' with pointy spikes, denouncing our screen addiction.

    Like many of her songs, the lyrics for this one were plucked straight out of the strangeness that is Adigery's daily dose of happenstance.
    "One day, some manager walks up to me and says, deadpan: 'I once masturbated to your Facebook pictures'. It seems that's become a way to get off, these days. Embarrassing, no? That's what got me thinking about this screen addiction we all seem to have."

    "I'm no better, I'm glued to my phone," Adigery admits. "What is it with us and our cell phone dependency? It's like all those social media have become a barometer for human value." Hence lyrics with unambiguous lines such as "Fill the void inside of me / encourage my vanity," in which Adigery turns the phone into a mirror and exposes the selfie for what it is: a selfishly curated image of what one hopes to project.
    Clearly, this is one with a message, which Adigery puts in rather straightforward, staccato wording, screamed in ways that would have made her punk ancestors proud.

    Soundwise, WWWater has addressed their first world problem: their live sets are so chuck full of energy, that the previous EP was starting to look a little pale in comparison. No more of that, now, though. The record which this single precedes, is bound to be just as zingy as the real thing-save maybe for Adigery's barefoot dancing onstage.

    Thus, 'SCREEN' expertly juggles contrasting phases, turning the amp from 2 to 11 and back again, yet carefully adjusting the dosage before breaking it all up with angelic vocals and dreamy synths. Toward the end, the track turns into something from a thriller movie, with Adigery's voice adding to the suspense until she relapses into outrage.

    With four minutes and eight seconds of Death Grips, early N.E.R.D. beats and a touch of poppy punk from the likes of Lio's 'Banana Split', this track is sure to upset minds as well as dancefloors. Can you hear the crowds chiming in to "Masturbate on my selfie" yet?


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  • 12 Sep, 2018

    WWWater: The Waiting Room, London

    WWWater plays several European dates, including The Waiting Room, London. See artists page for full details.


    waiting room
  • 09 Sep, 2018

    WWWater: '5 Songs You Should Hear...'

    'WWWater's new track 'Screen' is featured in Lauren Laverne's list of '5 Songs You Should Hear This Week', on BBC 6 Music.


    6 music
  • 31 May, 2018

    WWWater & G Flip: At The Great Escape Festival

    Both WWWater and G Flip are featured in The Independent's list of 'Our 10 Favourite New Acts From The Great Escape 2018'.


  • 18 May, 2018

    The Great Escape: Friday 18th May

    The Great Escape festival will take place at multiple venues across Brighton, from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th May, and a great many Primary Talent International & Decked Out artists will be taking part.

    Friday 18th May
    ...Pale Grey
    ...Denzel Himself
    ...Canshaker Pi
    ...Ten Tonnes
    ...Nilufer Yanya
    ...Ama Lou
    ...Dylan Cartlidge
    ...Art School Girlfriend
    ...Sports Team
    ...Malena Zavala
    ...Connie Constance
    ...Avalanche Party
    ...Yellow Days
    ...Bad Sounds
    ...SASSY 009
    ...Erol Alkan
    ...Esther Joy
    ...Cowboy Rhythmbox

    For further information, consult The Great Escape website.


    great escape friday
  • 28 Sep, 2017

    WWWater: Debut EP 'La Falaise'

    "Humbling power, sacred shower."
    The lyric from 'WWWater' describe it best - sometimes soothing and sometimes boiling, everything is waves with WWWater. WWWater flows through Charlotte Adigery, a Soulwax protegee (she contributed to various songs on their 'Belgica' soundtrack and released an EP on their DEEWEE label last March that now also embarks on a solo journey with a different sound. Her debut EP 'La Falaise' refers to 'Les Gorges De La Falaise', the waterfall in Martinique (her mother's birth country and Charlotte's second home) where she wrote most of the songs for this debut release.

    'La Falaise' dips the listener in a trip in her unique universe - a diverse pallet of sounds that is built from meditative drones to Youtube samples to panned drums to what-not, with Charlotte's unique voice serving as a narrator throughout the EP. When asked about her influences she'll name anyone from Lizzy Mercier Descloux to Dean Blunt to The Slits to Shabazz Palaces - an eclectic taste that results in an outspoken sound, despite this being her first release.

    Charlotte draws you in with the meditative 'Presence', a spoken word intro that puts her and the listener in a state of mind where she cancels out the always ongoing train of thoughts. 'WWWater' describes the experience of a woman surrendering herself to the water, becoming one with it. It insinuates suicide, becoming one with an element that is very much part of (everything is water) yet can easily destroy us in a different capacity. The sub-text is very much a (desperate) love story, or rather how it can sometimes result in a cold shower. Charlotte literally reads from her diary in 'Pink Letters', marking the start of a new chapter after a love story gone wrong and allowing herself to be guided by the imaginary hand that always makes sure "everything will be okay". 'My Hands' is built around a sample from an ASMR session - short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a rare syndrome where people are highly sensitive to audiovisual experiences like ear eating, a hair dryer other delicate sounds which results into some sort of "braingasm" - which is being contrasted with an energetic vocal and drum performance.
    The song is about hurting someone else with your hands and begging for them to be taken away so it's no longer possible to create such pain. Despite sounding positive on 'Mine Yours' the story is yet again quite grim: desperately trying to create a new and better life, two lovers grow apart because they just try to hard.


23 Nov 18Explore The North FestivalLeeuwarden, NETHERLANDS
03 Dec 18The Waiting RoomLondon, UK
06 Dec 18Balzaal VooruitGent , BELGIUM