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JGrrey's journey has been one of reinvention. Initially recognized for her viral performance of ‘Don’t Fade’ on Colors in 2017, she amassed millions of streams with tracks like For Keeps and Growing and toured with Billie Eilish in Europe. The enforced pause of the pandemic prompted a deep introspection, leading to personal revelations and newfound confidence. Her latest single, ‘Boys,’ reflects her empowered attitude, while navigating through personal upheavals prompted her to reevaluate her motivations in music. Taking control of her career, she negotiated her own deals and embraced a more authentic approach to songwriting.

Collaborating with producer Owen Cutts and friend Kojey Radical, JGrrey's music has evolved, blending old influences with new sounds. Her upcoming mixtape, "If Not Now?" explores themes of gratitude and resilience, culminating in the jazz-infused battle cry of ‘So Sick.’

With a renewed passion for music, JGrrey is excited to continue her journey, aiming to craft a debut album that authentically reflects her experiences and perspective on life. Closing the gap between JGrrey and Jen, she's ready to share her stories with the world.

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